The college is one of the higher education institutions that conduct research activities, both basic research and applied research, however, the research is still basic research, applied research and laboratory-scale are still not ready to ready to become industrial development. In line with the development of higher education, it is time college into higher education entrepreneur, since the merger between the Directorate of Higher Education with the Ministry of Research and Technology to become the Research, Technology and Higher Education.


One task of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education is doing a breakthrough with the encouraging results of the majority of university research funded by the government to be developed, which means that the results of such research tested on real field.

Assuming that from 119 State universities and if every university produces as much as 10 innovation applied research, so this time there are about 1190 results of applied research. This means that now we have the capital around 1190 research universities are ready to be developed into a prospective startup capital (Candidate-Based Technology Company Beginner / Candidate PPBT).

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