By understanding all of following considerations: mandate written in Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, the Law No. 18 of 2002 governing the System for National Research, Development, and Application of Knowledge & Technology, and Law No. 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education, and also societys’ general condition and aspiration, logical framework developed to support national competence ability, to optimize resource within Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education, and concerning issues identified in Chapter I; The ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education have defined its Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Objectives as follows


In order to proceed with RPJM 2015-2019 development agenda and alignment against duty and responsibility, the Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education establish the following vision

“The realization of higher education quality and the ability of science & technology and innovation to support the competitiveness of the nation”

Higher education is intended to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, educated, and skillfull whilst innovation and science & technology are understood with human resource expertise and research & development institution and also universities during execution of research, development and aplication of science and technology supported with ongoing factors (institutions, human resource, and network).

Meanwhile, national competitiveness should be understood as contribution of science & technology and higher education within the economy and shown through excellence of technology products as a result of research & development.


As an effort to accomplish those visions provided through industries/companies supported by R&D institution (LPNK, LPK, Business Entity, Universities) and skilled work force with higher education as mentioned above, then the Ministry of Research, Technology & Education mission are as follows:

  1. Improve access, relevancy, and quality of higher education to produce qualified human resource;
  2. Improve innovation and science & technology capability to add value of their products; and
  3. Realizing good governance in the framework of bureaucratic reform

These mission are intended to provide answers of issues related to development of higher education and science & technology throughout the period of 2015-2019 that arise within aspects of learning process and student, institution, resource, research and development, and innovation enhancement.

Strategic Goals

In order to achieve the Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education vision and mission mentioned above, it need to be formalized in an operable and applicable form through strategic goals identification. Hence, to solve issues identified in previous chapter and to accomplish the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education vission and mission, the strategic goals need to be achieved is:

“Improve relevancy, quantity and quality of human resource with higher education, equiped with science & technology and innovation ability for national competitiveness”

Hence, measurable indicators to quantify the strategic goals being achived need to be established. Within the 5 year work ahead plan, the performance indicator for higher education is targeted to be top 56 world wide with a score 5. While within the innovation area the target is top 26 world wide with a score 4.4. Both are expected to happen in year 2019.

Strategic Objectives      

There are 5 (five) Strategic Objectives, as an elaboration of the strategic goals mentioned earlier, that need to be accomplished within the 2015-2019 period. Those are:

  1. Improvement of higher education learning process and student quality
  2. Improvement on Science & Technology Institutions and higher education quality.
  3. Improvement on relevancy, quality, and quantitiy of human resource for higher education and science and technology
  4. Improvement on relevancy dan productivity of research and development; and
  5. Strengthen innovation capability