Number: 027/SP/HM/BKPUK/III/2022


Indonesia will face the peak of the demographic bonus in 2030. This means that the number of productive population will reach its highest point. Success in building the capacity of young generation is one of the keys to success in taking advantage of this demographic bonus, including building awareness about the importance of water availability and sustainability. In commemoration of the World Water Day 2022, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Limnology and Water Resources Research Center in collaboration with the Indonesian Limnological Society (MLI) held a webinar on WORLD WATER DAY 2022, with the theme “Building Awareness of Young Generation on Water Availability and Sustainability”, on Tuesday, 22 March 2022.


Cibinong, 22 March 2022. Water is a very important natural resource in life. Quantitatively, water is very abundant in nature but only five percent of fresh water can be used for daily needs, the rest is sea water. In line with the increase in population, the need for clean water also increases, while its availability decreases. This situation is exacerbated by unwise use of water which poses threat to sustainable environment.

Head of BRIN’s Earth and Maritime Research Organization, Ocky Karna Radjasa, said that we need water resource management system that emphasizes the natural nature of water resource environment, and based on public awareness and participation. “This effort will be able to settle problems and threats to water resources jointly, massively, and sustainably. It even allows the emergence of models of water conservation and management that are in line with the perspectives and cultural practices of the local community,” said Ocky.

Based on the interest to boost new breakthroughs in water resource management, BRIN through the Limnology and Water Resources Research Center in collaboration with the Indonesian Limnological Society (MLI) strives to develop various activities and collaborations with related parties. One of these is commemorating the World Water Day 2022 with various activities, including essay competitions, minivlogs, and workshops for the younger generation.

Head of MLI and a Researcher of BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resources Research Center, Luki Subehi, said this activity is a means of campaign especially for students on the importance of water for life. “Young generation are expected to play an active role in protecting waters and sustainable water resources. For this reason, building literacy among the younger generation and improving strategic cooperation with various parties who have interests and authorities in managing water resources are very important to do,” he concluded.

The resource person for this webinar was Dr. Rachmat Fajar Lubis, a Researcher at BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resource Research Center, who presented the topic “Understanding Interaction between Lakes and Groundwater in Indonesia: Perspectives that Are Sometimes Neglected. The second resource person was Thoriqul Huda, from PT. Hidronav Tehnikatama who presented the topic “Latest Technology in Surveying Waters”. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Fajar Setiawan, a Researcher at the Limnology and Water Resources Research Center – BRIN.