Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Bureau of Public Communication, General and Secretariat held a Covid-19 vaccination for the 3rd dose on Tuesday (15/02). The 3rd dose vaccination or known as booster vaccination was carried out simultaneously in 3 (three) different locations, namely the BRIN Thamrin Campus, BRIN Gatot Subroto Campus, and BRIN Pasar Jumat Campus.

The increasing number of positive cases of the Covid-19 Omicron variant in Indonesia in early 2022 has prompted the Government to intensively administer booster vaccination to the public. BRIN in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Covid-19 Task Force held a booster vaccination targeting around 2,549 employees within BRIN RI.

“We want to accelerate the delivery of 3rd dose vaccines, which is the government program to boost the community immunity, and today BRIN has made its contribution to that campaign. The provision of booster vaccine is indeed a necessity for all of us. With the administration of booster vaccination, it is hoped that in the future there will be no more local transmission of Covid-19 viruses in Indonesia,” said Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko when inspecting the implementation of vaccination at BRIN Thamrin campus.

The Head of Indonesian Ministry of Health’s Health Efforts Policy Center, Pretty Multihartina, who was also present in the inspection at BRIN Thamrin campus, said that vaccination is one of the ways to mitigate diseases, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Based on the results of studies conducted in various countries related to Covid-19, WHO finally determined the need for booster vaccination.

“In order to maximize vaccination at least to 70% of the total population, the government is accelerating vaccination on employees at ministries/agencies. One of which is as what we are seeing now at BRIN, booster vaccination. It is true that currently we see a decrease in participants showing up, but it does not mean that they are not vaccinated, but it proves that there are more and more vaccination centers out there,” said Pretty.

With the administration of booster vaccination in various regions, Indonesia is expected to reach an independence in the Covid-19 vaccination. Related thereto, Handoko emphasized that BRIN will continue to support the vaccination program launched by the government, including the development of merah putih (locally produced) vaccines. Presently, the merah putih vaccine has entered phase 1 clinical trial after previously successfully passing preclinical trials.

“In future, BRIN will continue the cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 Task Force for this vaccination activity. But at least we have shown our endeavor that the booster jab needs to be done. BRIN still continues research on the merah putih vaccines. One of the 7 (seven) vaccine teams that we support has entered the phase 1 clinical trial phase. We hope that the other teams will also soon enter the clinical trial phase. We need this merah putih vaccine,” Handoko asserted.

The vaccine administration in the Gatot Subroto area was attended by 375 BRIN employees from morning to afternoon. Acting Head of Geological Research Organization, Ocky Karna Radjasa hopes that the implementation of vaccine administration in the Gatot Subroto area will run smoothly.

“I hope that the service provided in the morning until afternoon can run well and all BRIN members can get the facility and we hope that there will be no disruption during the implementation of this booster vaccine activity,” said Ocky.

A similar activity was also carried out in the Pasar Jumat Area, South Jakarta. A total of 472 BRIN employees received booster vaccines.

The person in charge of vaccination activities from the Cilandak Community Health Center, Yesinta Diandra, said that medical waste from the implementation of vaccination activities in three BRIN areas will be managed jointly. “As the vaccine administration locations are in 3 BRIN areas, the medical waste will be collected in one point. Medical waste will be divided into three, non-infectious waste to be put in black plastic, medical waste such as alcohol swabs to yellow plastic, and syringe waste to be put in safety boxes. Medical waste and syringe waste will be collected and transported,” said Yesinta.

Through this booster vaccine administration, BRIN employees are expected to have antibodies that can prevent exposure to COVID-19. “It is hoped that from this activity, BRIN employees who take part in the vaccine administration will have good antibody, including those in Thamrin and Gatot Subroto areas. We hope that this activity will run uninterruptedly. I see that all activities are running smoothly, no impediment in the flow, good logistic support and enthusiastic vaccinators,” she added.

The administration of COVID-19 booster vaccination which took place at three BRIN campus locations was carried out thanks to the support from various parties, including the Directorate of Traditional Health Services of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, the South Jakarta Administrative City Health Sub-Office., Prikasih Pondok Labu Hospital, and the Cilandak District Community Health Center. (frd,yrt/ed:pur)