November 10th, 2018, Jakarta.

The opening of the 10th European Higher Education Fair 2018 (EHEF 2018) was conducted by HE Mr Viencent Guerend, Ambassador of the European Union/Head of the Delegation of the European Union at Balai Kartini Expo. This spectacular exhibition was participated by 122 higher education institutions from 17 European Countries. There were HE Ambassadors from France, the Netherlands, Polandia, Ireland, and High Officials from European Embassies (amongst other Germany, Italy, Hungary, Swiss, Sweden, Finland), United Kingdom as well as from International Higher Education Institutions such as Campus France, DAAD, Nuffic Nesso, Uni Italia, Study in Sweden, and many more.

In his opening speech, HE Ambassador Vincent appreciated the Government of Indonesia who is really serious in developing the education by allocating 20% of APBN to continuously develop and improve education sector. The Delegation of European Union (EU), as well as each member of EU have many innovative and creative programs of higher education, research and innovation with the Government of Indonesia (GoI). European Higher Education Insitutions have been also becoming the targetted and the leading study and research destinations for Indonesian students.

Nada Marsudi on her capacity as the Head Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication, the Indonesian Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Cooperation, expressed gratitude to EU and EHEF 2018 committees who succesfully hosting this spectacular event.

She said that the selection of the opening ceremony on the National Heroes Day of Indonesia (Hari Pahlawan 10 November) becomes the monumental day for beloved Indonesian millenials as the EHEF participants today. Theme for the National Heroes Day: “Semangat Di Dadaku” and “Garuda Di Dadaku”, should be built in every millenials’ hearts, where ever they are going to study abroad.

“European Higher Education Institutions who are reputable for high academic standards, a great variety of International degree programmes, advanced research facilities and a most impressive diverse cultures, languages and societies, becomes significant reasons for International students to study in Europe (EHEF 2018)”.


Nada Marsudi also encouraged Indonesian millenials to take further study on the academic studies/disciplines that are matched with the ten priority research areas in RIRN (National Master Plan of Research in Indonesia) which are amongst other Food Agriculture, Energy, ICT, Health and Medicine, Maritime, Advance Materials ie Nanotechnology, Defense Technology, Transportation, Social and Humanities, as well as disciplines which are required in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution (4-IR).

Ending the speech, Nada Marsudi stated that the NextGen or the Indonesian millenials would be the driver and the backbone of the beloved Country, Indonesia, so where ever they go for study, please kindly return to Indonesia, to develop the Country, to asssist the GOI, to continuously improving the Indonesian development.

Nada Marsudi and Adnan
Bureau of Cooperation and
Public Communication