Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations. National Researchers who are members of the Indonesian Research Association (PPI) cover eleven functional positions at BRIN. Head of the National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko, said that the PPI is not just a professional organization, but their members have authority and important tasks. “On the other hand, they have huge responsibility for the sustainability of careers of Indonesian researchers,” said Handoko, at the Inauguration ceremony of PPI Management, on Tuesday (25/1).

Handoko said, researchers must always improve their competence to be able to produce inventions and innovations, so that they can contribute in increasing the national competitiveness in the global era. “More importantly, how to make research and innovation in Indonesia give a significant contribution to our country,” he explained.

According to Handoko, the existence of researchers and research activities are indeed important for the state. This is certainly not easy, but the collaboration between BRIN and PPI will be able to realize these in a short time. “I look forward to PPI’s work programs, and of course BRIN through its deputies, is ready to synergize programs in kind. Especially with the Directorate of Competency Development, there are many programs that can be synergized,” he explained.

For program synergy, Handoko opens opportunities not only for BRIN researchers, but for anyone, be fresh graduates, the industries, and other communities.

On the same occasion, Chairperson of the PPI, Syahrir Ika said, PPI is a forum for professional development for Indonesian researchers, both Civil Servant (ASN) and Non-Civil Servant researchers, which was declared on 21December 2021 in Jakarta. “This association can act as the government’s partner in setting the direction, goals and targets of the national development for short, medium and long term,” said Syahrir.

“As a consequence, this association must also be able to encourage legislative, executive, judicial and private institutions to provide access to infrastructure and superstructure in order to improve the professionalism of researchers,” he said.

Thus, Syahrir said that researchers can be confirmed as the main pillar in advancing sustainable national development based on science, technology, art, and culture. So that they are beneficial for the realization of sovereignty, justice, prosperity and welfare of the Indonesian nation. (nan /ed:mtr)