Bali – BRIN Public Relations. A total of 17 Sanur Independent School students visited the Exhibition Room of the BRIN Bali-Archeology Office in Denpasar on Wednesday (23/02). They saw not only artifacts and the existing collections, but also received explanation and discussed with archaeological researchers. This visit had certainly complied with the applicable health protocols and standards.

Ni Putu Eka Juliawati, BRIN Archaeological Researcher explained that the archaeological discoveries and collections of artifacts managed by the Bali Archaeology Office come from the areas of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Various existing collections of artifacts become the medium for school students to know and learn about archeology and historical sites.

Eka said that before the Covid-19 pandemic, almost every month students visited the Bali Archeology Office. “Their arrival to the office was a direction from their teacher or because of school assignments related to archeology or history that they must complete,” continued Eka.

Emmy, the Principal of Sanur Independent School, said the visit to the archaeological finding collection room was a continuation of previous activities. “In the previous two weeks, we together with researchers from the Archeology Office provided education related to archeological knowledge through webinars.” she explained.

According to Emmy, this activity is one of tasks to fulfil in the education program provided by the government to international schools. “This activity is related to the subject of history and such a coincident there is an Archeology Office in Bali whose research is related to history in Bali. We are very grateful for being given the opportunity and a very comprehensive explanation from the researchers to our students,” concluded Emmy.

Salfa, one of the students from Sanur Independent School also shared his opinion regarding activities in this visit. “I am very impressed with the activities that have been carried out by the researchers here. The information that they explained to me was able to justify my curiosity for Archeology.” he said.

For information, the BRIN-Bali Archaeology Office has a quite large collection of discoveries/artifacts. These artifacts were obtained from excavations, surveys, and reports of people’s findings from the provinces of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara.

Based on the periodization, the BRIN-Bali Archeology Office has a diverse collection of artifacts, ranging from those from the Prehistoric period, the Hindu-Buddhist period, to the Islamic and Colonial periods. Some of the collected artifacts include stone flake tools, bone chip tools, statues, pickaxes, rings and bracelets, ancient elephant fossils (Stegodon), pottery, Chinese ceramics, stupika, hoe, to charred wood from the eruption of Mt. Tambora. (gws/igp/yul/)