Minister for research, technology and higher education, Mohamad Nasir says the 4.0 industrial revolution needs students who are able to adapt to the possibility of total machination in industrial activities. He specifically singles out polytechnic students. He asserts that students have to master skills that at the moment are not possessed by artificial intelligence.

“We for instance can see how education system developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology still trains students with things that cannot be operated by machines,” Nasir said in his public lecture at an event titled “Preparing Indonesia’s Youths In The 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era” at the Kediri Polytechnic, January 10.

Nasir said students could learn from sources outside their classes to improve creativity.

“There are various kind of literacies students must possess in the 4.0 industrial revolution era, such as data literacy, technology literacy, language literacy and human literacy,” said Nasir.

Nasir called on polytechnic lecturers to assist students in getting working experience while studying, as well as teaching them to become innovative.

At the event, Nasir presented laptops to students with the highest GPA in every study program at the polytechnic, as well as to a Papuan student to motivate her to improve her academic performance.

The event was attended by academics and local officials.