Bogor – BRIN Public Relations. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko emphasized to all Heads of Research Organizations, who were recently inaugurated on 4 March 2022, that they must think creatively and innovatively in obtaining research funding from outside. Research funding from the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) only serves a trigger to get bigger funding.

According to Handoko, the presence of BRIN as the only research institution in Indonesia should be the solution to research and innovation problems in this country. Thus far, the government’s dominance in research and innovation in Indonesia is too big, which is in stark contrast to the condition abroad.

“BRIN is present as a solution to the problems of science and technology in Indonesia, which has been dominated by the government (80%) and the remaining 20% by the private sector/business actors. Ideally, as in developed countries, the role of the Government should be only 20%, while the private sector mainly develops science and technology results so that they really have an economic impact,” said Handoko when opening the orientation program event for Heads of Research Organizations within BRIN year 2022 at the Aston Hotel, Bogor, Tuesday ( 09/03).

For this reason, Handoko calls on all Heads of Research Organizations to jointly create a better research and innovation ecosystem in Indonesia. Integration of resources from R&D units in Ministries/Institutions is the basic capital for improving the ecosystem and increasing the involvement of the private sector in research and innovation activities.

Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas, Subandi said, there are 15 indicators of achievement in the field of science and technology targeted by 2024, such as the number of scientific publications and citations in international journals, the number of innovative products used by industry, granting of patents (domestic), percentage of science and technology human resources with doctoral qualifications, innovation products and the ‘Research Priority’ research products produced.

“I hope that the existence of BRIN can integrate all research programs that all this time ran independently in ministries/institutions. In addition, science and technology supports for the development of the new National Capital of Nusantara are much awaited, “said Subandi.

With regard to research and innovation budgeting, the Budget Director for Human Development and Culture of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Putut Hari Satyaka said that the amount of revised ceiling of fund in 5 Ministries/Institutions that was transferred to BRIN in FY 2021 was IDR 6,197.2 billion with the budget realization or average absorption of 81.6%, almost the same as for FY 2022. BRIN’s budget ceiling is set at Rp 6,096.6 billion.

“This is still relatively low, the same as it was in the previous year. In general, the Covid-19 pandemic is still the main obstacle in realizing the budget, while the process of reorganizing 5 ministries/institutions which were transferred to BRIN and planning activities have not been carried out optimally,” said Putut (Sugiarti/BRIN)