Jakarta – Millennials are creative, hard workers and blessed with abundant resources of information. They interact in a way that is starkly different from the older generation. Therefore, they should be given opportunities to learn about culture and tradition, including in research and development areas.

Those were said by Muhammad Dimyati, director general for research and development at the ministry of research, technology and higher education, in his speech to open the 2018 Science, Technology and Art Fair held by his division at the Philately Building in Central Jakarta, Wednesday, November 14.

“This exhibition, first and foremost, aims to entice the young generation to know more about the role of science and technology,” said Dimyati. “We want to cooperate with other parties, especially the millennials.”

It is important to equip the millennials with knowledge on science and technology from research and development activities, said Dimyati.

“Research outputs could be in the form of scientific publication, intellectual property and prototypes. From 2015 until now, there have been tens of thousands of our publications indexed in Scopus, as well as thousands of intellectual properties created by local inventors. To showcase those many outputs, a different approach is needed so that we don’t have to use a large place and a lot of booths,” said Dimyati.

“The interactive exhibition using augmented reality and video mapping technologies is a good way to introduce science and technology to millennials in a different approach,” said Dimyati.

Director for research and community service Ocky Karnaradjasa said in his speech that exhibiting research products through art was still uncommon, and it was done because the ministry wanted to do things differently now. “We want to mix science and technology with art,” he said. “We also pay attention to social and humanities subjects.”

The exhibition opening ceremony was attended by ministry officials, delegates from ministry-managed agencies and research and community service divisions from universities across Indonesia. The event runs through November 17. Registration can be done through https://stafair.ristekdikti.go.id./.