Over the years, the Netherlands and Indonesia have enjoyed an unceasing partnership between two Countries. They  have shared a long history, even far before diplomatic relationship was established. This is really an exceptional relations that we value and appreciate, upon which both countries continue building a stronger relations in all fields.
For Indonesia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of our most important International partners that we believe, will contribute significantly to the development of the Indonesian Science, Technology and Higher Education (STHE).
Indonesia that will be benefitted from the bonus of demography in the next 20–30 years, should find a right International partner, if we would like to prepare a comfort foundation for the young generation to take off into the golden era.
Within that very context, the state visit of HE President Joko Widodo to the Netherlands in April 2016, is both timely, and of paramount importance. The visit not only place an end, to the absence of visit by an Indonesian President to the Netherlands for more than 16 years; but, it also showed clearly that  this is an Indonesian strong commitment to continue developing a closer bilateral relationship, and stronger collaboration in broader areas; guided by the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Partnership between two Countries.
Indeed, HE President Joko Widodo’s state visit, has levelled up our cooperation in the field of, among others in STHE  bilateral cooperation, and it was marked by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Higher Education and Science (MoU on HES) on the 22nd of April 2016 in Amsterdam.
The signed MoU on Higher Education and Science, was already followed up through the working visits of HE Minister Mohamad Nasir to Netherlands in September 2016, and of HE Minister Jet Bussemaker to Indonesia in February 2017.  Following the commitments in bilateral meetings, both Ministers finally established the 1st Indonesia – Netherlands Joint Working Group on Higher Education and Sciences (Ind NL JWG-HES) in Jakarta on the 13th February 2017.  Moreover, it was also marked by the signing of ‘the Horizon 2022: Road Map for collaboration in Education & Science Indonesia-Netherlands’.
Actually the plan of the 2017 Open Science Meeting 15-17 May 2017, was also highlighted during the 1st Ind NL JWG on HES in February 2017.
Today, Secretary General Ainun Na’im together with Prof Dwi Korita Rector of UGM, jointly opened the 8th Open Science Meeting:  Towards Resilient Society, at UGM, on Monday, May 15th 2017.
In Prof Ainun’s  remarks he stated that ‘people and science are two related elements, which is connected to each other in determining the development of science, technology and innovation in the world.
People or scientific society are familiar with Big Data system, people is aware on the fourth industrial revolution, even Japan has claimed to implement the new concept of Society 5.0 Computerworld.
Therefore,  holistic approaches, to maintain the sustainable development programs in the world is needed.
Nowadays,  the ‘resilient society’ is determined as the central agents in the whole sustainable development, who should manage science and technology wisely, for obtaining the maximum benefit to the world society;  but without ignoring the important message for maintaining ‘the sustainable development’ of our beloved Earth.
In consequence, in the future through the holistic approaches, the efforts from various Penta Helix (Diamond) groups, consists of  ‘Academicians, Businesspersons, Governments, Societies/Communities, and Media’, should work hand-in-hand, in developing the future strategic programs, in order to maintain the world sustainable development.
During the meeting, Director General of RD Muhammad Dimyati as well as Teguh Rahardjo Director of DIPI also presented available funding research schemes in Indonesia.
Closing his remarks, Secretary General Ainun Na’im also  expressed gratitudes to the  whole organizing committee of this OSM, which are
(i) the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW)
 (ii) the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) and
 (iii) the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO),
(iv) the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy,
(v) the host  ‘Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and,
several people from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education – MoRTHE (Nada Marsudi, Annisa Pranowo, Muhammad Fajri, Windie Nababan) as well as National Educational and Cultural Attache Bambang Hari Wibisono.