Jumain Appe, director general for innovation with the ministry of research, technology and higher education, said the development of innovative products had to be congruent with people’s needs. Without that perspective, the products would lose its value.

Speaking at a ministry-sponsored exhibition on December 19, Appe said the usability of products is a gauge to assess whether the innovation was successful.

Innovation products must be marketable so that they could impact people positively, said Appe. Furthermore, he said that the products must have values economically, socially and culturally. “Being useful is for sure not enough if a product has no value.”

Appe said there were three primary elements in innovation development: supporting creativity, carrying out innovation and developing entrepreneurship. These three elements have to be done simutaneously to ensure that Indonesian products could compete with that of other countries.

Appe said the marketing and the use of innovation products in technology certainly needed support from the government.

He presented examples of what South Korea and China had done to support local innovation in the two countries. Even if the quality is still not really good, the product could be used amid the process to perfect its quality.

He admitted that there were times when regulations did not support innovation, pointing to the extremely fast technological development. He also mentioned about the marketing and production of Gesits – the newly launched electrical scooter assembled by Indonesia – which he believed must be supported by the presence of conducive regulation. One of them includes requirement of fit and proper test to ensure its usability.