Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BRIN RI) through the Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization signed a memorandum of understanding with PT ThorCon Power Indonesia regarding research, development, and innovation of the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technology. This memorandum of understanding was signed by Mego Pinandito as BRIN’s Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization together with Bob S Effendi, Chief Operating Officer of PT ThorCon Power Indonesia at the BJ Habibie building on Monday (07/02).

The collaboration between BRIN RI and PT Thorcon Power Indonesia is for carrying out research and development, as well as innovation in the field of nuclear power, especially the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor technology, with a modular system and using thorium fuel. This research and development are expected to produce prototypes as future technology candidates for Nuclear Power Plants (PLTN). This is an alternative in the carbon emission reduction program.

“Through this research and development, it is hoped that all parties will have the same mindset related to the urgency of constructing commercial nuclear power plants in Indonesia as an important component in achieving net-zero emission by 2060 so that decisions can be made rationally and scientifically. We hope that the decision-making process will not take too long,” said Handoko

With this cooperation which includes collaboration in research, science and technology, utilization of facilities and infrastructure, exchange of data and information, and development of human resources, the CEO of PT ThorCon Power Indonesia CEO, David C Devanney, hopes that Indonesia can develop  a safe, inexpensive, and sustainable nuclear technology in the future.

“As energy solution is increasingly urgent and needed to meet the global commitment to net-zero emission, nuclear energy is the solution. We hope that through this collaboration, the development of nuclear technology in Indonesia can continue to grow, especially one that is safe, cheap, and sustainable,” explained David.

On the same occasion, Mego Pinandito said that research collaboration with PT ThorCon Power Indonesia is a form of BRIN’s support to industrial partners for collaboration in developing and implementing technology in Indonesia.

“We hope that this collaboration will be beneficial for both industrial partners and Indonesia, both in terms of human resource development, especially researchers in the field of nuclear and other fields. Researchers can conduct joint research with industrial partners directly at the reactor facility. So that the results of research and development are able to produce technological advances which will later be used as an alternative energy source in the future,” concluded Mego.