Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations. The Governance, Economics, and Community Welfare Research Organization (TKPEKM RO) of BRIN, can be present as problem solver to realize the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045. This was conveyed by Agus Eko Nugroho, Acting Head of TKPEKM RO at the Morning Roll Call Ceremony, in Jakarta (28/03).

“Indonesians are currently facing increasingly tough challenges, including: the trend of slowing growth, persistent poverty and tendency of increasing inequality, and weak governance,” said Agus.

Agus continued, to overcome these problems, the TKPEKM RO focuses on five aspects of development, namely: Good and Proper governance; Knowledge Based Economy; Green & Blue Economy; Inclusive & Sustainable economy; and effective Social Protection and Security System. “Any of these five global aspects is expected to become a center of excellence with global standards,” added Agus.

Agus assured that in the future, this center of excellence can be a problem solver, for the Vision of Golden Indonesia 2045, economic recovery, and achievement of SDGS.

The TKPEKM RO has 7 Research Centers and 4 Program Homes. The seven Research Centers are: (1) Domestic, (2) Public Policy implementing activities, (3) Macroeconomics & Finance, (4) Social Welfare, Village & Connectivity, (5) Cooperatives & People’s Economy, (6) Behavioral & Circular Economics, and (7) Industrial, Service & Trade Economics.

Program Home, according to Agus, is a work space that is managed to achieve program performance. The Program Home includes: (1) Governance, (2) New Sources of Economic Growth, (3) Community Welfare, and (4) Regional Autonomy.

In 2022, each Program Home has research budget of around Rp. 10-25 billion. The output target is 10 models for major programs, and an additional 100 international publications. (na/ ed: sg, ns)