As an effort to ensure the quality of higher education in health, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education organized a quality assurance system for higher education in health aspects, where one of its main policies is to organize a national competency exam. Located at D Building, the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education’s office (06/04), the Minister, Mohamad Nasir held a press conference with regards to the National Competency Exam for students and graduates of Health Professions Education Program for Nurses, Diploma III of Midwifery and Diploma III of Nursing.

The Minister continued to explain the benefits of national competency exam is to identify Indonesian health personnel’s whom are competent to provide excellent health services driven by main principles such as patient’s wellness, encourage curriculum improvement and learning process as well as quality assurance outline for higher education in health.

“It should be used as guidelines for executing competency test, therefore benefits of the test could make our health education system become better,” said the Minister. He continued to explain that implementation of National Competency Exam undertaken in medical is using CBT (Computer Base Test) and OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) test type is held 4 times a year, meanwhile Diploma III of Nursing and Diploma III of Midwifery that uses PBT (Paper Based Test) test type and CBT test type for nurses profession are conducted twice a year.

With regards to implementation of National Competency Exam, the Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education created a strategy for future development within health sector and facilitated international publications related to evaluation results of competency test in medical, nursing, midwifery and nurses.

“Let’s work together to support efforts for improving the quality of health education in Indonesia. Let us move forward with quality, not with the highest number of graduates, “added the Minister.

During April 2016, around 62.891 participants coming of 257 program study for nurse profession, 554 program study Diploma III of Midwifery, and 416 program study Diploma III of Nursing, signed up for competency test conducted on Apri 2nd-4th for nurse profession, April 9th for Diploma III of Midwifery and April 16th for Diploma III of Nursing. (Ifa / bkkp)