Gunungkidul, BRIN Public Relations – The majority of Indonesian population or around 86.9% are Muslims. This makes Indonesia a large halal market potential. This was conveyed by the Expert Staff of the Minister of Finance in the field of Islamic Finance Communication, Indah Pertiwi Nataprawira during her visit to BRIN’s Food Technology and Process Research Center (PRTPP), Gunungkidul on Thursday (31/3).

With regard to the development of halal research industry in Indonesia, she reminded the importance of branding halal products so that they can be accepted by the public. In addition, a communication strategy is needed so that halal products produced using the technologies developed by BRIN can be circulated in traditional markets. According to her, thus far halal products circulating in markets are still dominated by giant companies.

“I am proud and have high hopes for BRIN through PRTPP to oversee the development of halal research in Indonesia,” she added.

She also said, apart from being halal, products produced through technology at BRIN also meet the sharia criteria. Sharia products are products that in the manufacturing process pay attention to the sustainability of the natural environment, and these products are beneficial for the surrounding residents.

Meanwhile, Director of Program Utilization and Performance of the National Sharia Economic and Finance Committee (KNEKS), Gandy Setiawan said, KNEKS fully supports BRIN’s efforts through the PRTPP Gunungkidul as a halal laboratory center in Indonesia. He hopes that through the construction of laboratory buildings and halal research facilities funded from State Sharia Securities (SBSN), PRTPP can become the center of halal research laboratories in Indonesia.

In addition to adequate research infrastructure, Gandy continued, the capacity of researcher human resources must also be considered. “I encourage a consortium to be formed immediately related to this halal research to support the government’s program to make Indonesia the center of the world’s halal product industry by 2024,” he said.

In response, Acting Head of BRIN PRTPP Satriyo Krido Wahono said that until now BRIN PRTPP continues to carry out development related to halal research. With the new halal research facility, he hopes that researchers will be more productive. This is evidenced by the success of PRTPP researchers in publishing research results in highly reputable international journals. This research is related to methods for detecting pork that has been mixed with catfish through metabolomic and proteomic approaches.

According to him, the strategic activity targets of PRTPP BRIN for years 2022-2024 include revitalization of food security for stunting, packaging of processed food, and halal research. “The focus of halal research to be carried out at PRTPP includes development of sea-based products, detection of halal authentication, and substitution of halal ingredients,” he concluded. (ky/ed:jml)