Jakarta- in order to align the Good Government principles, and also to seek the transparency and accountability of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) did Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the four other institutions such as; Ministry of Internal Affairs (Kemendagri), Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Ministry of Health Ministries, and BPJS Health in KPK Auditorium, HR Rasuna Said street, South Jakarta, Monday (25/7).

This event was attended by Secertary General of Kemenristekdikti Ainun Na’im, Minister of Health Nila Moeloek, Inspector general of Kemendagri Tarmizi Abdul Karim, Senior Advisor to the Kemendikbud, and director of BPJS Health Fachmi Idris, as well as the Chairman of KPK Agus Rahardjo

Secretary General of Kemenristekdikti, Ainun Na’im stated all this time Kemenristekdikti has conducted cooperation and many efforts to eradicate corruption, to build clean bureaucracy and to provide services in research, technology, and higher education.

“There are several activities that we do such as; anti-corruption education which held in campus through lecturers and students, also researches and analysis by researchers to find strategy to eradicate corruption.in this country,” she said.

Ainun also added that kemristekdikti has cooperated in providing data and giving access to KPK to review in planning and budgeting in giving the services in research, technology, and higher education.

In his welcoming speech, the chairman of KPK, Agus Rahardjo said KPK was not only eradicating and preventing. He didn’t want the preventing only by socializing.

“We want in prosecution that there is should be a prevention before. And actually, we want to build a system. This is only a half of us which we introduced. KPK is only to support, to trigger. We see from many sectors which need to be improved.

In that opportunity KPK also launched soft launching technology application based that called “JAGA” which built together by Kemendikbud, Kemenkes, and BPJS Health which is hoped it will help people. With this application, public can give suggestions or complains towards schools, Puskesmas (community Health centers), and hospitals.