Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Research and innovation have a very important role in supporting the program of national defense and security technology independence. In this case, use of science and technology must be continuously improved to develop an innovation-based defense industry. To support the plan for cooperation and collaboration in the field of research between the academic community of Universitas Pertahanan (Defense University) of the Republic of Indonesia and researchers at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the Serpong Science Technology Area of the National Research and Innovation Agency (KST-Serpong BRIN) welcomed a visit by the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of the Faculty of Military Engineering of Universitas Pertahanan on Thursday (27/1).

Cohort-1 students and lecturers of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UNHAN had the opportunity to visit and discuss directly with researchers at BRIN KST-Serpong. Acting Secretary of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UNHAN, Wawan Rukmono said the purpose of this visit was to improve partnership cooperation and to directly introduce the research facility environment to student cadets.

“Hopefully, if there are laboratory facilities or infrastructure that support lectures in accordance with the UNHAN curriculum that we can use here, of course we can discuss the follow-up and rules together,” said Wawan.

Furthermore, Wawan said that one of the missions of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of the FTM UNHAN is to establish cooperation with various partners at home and abroad to improve and develop science and mechanical engineering to strengthen the national defense. In this case, BRIN is one of the potential cooperation partners.

BRIN Acting Director of Laboratory Management, Research Facilities, and Science and Technology Area​​, Tjahjo Pranoto welcomed the visit by students and lectures of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UNHAN. Tjahjo said that all the basic competencies related to research and development needed had existed at KST Serpong since the 1980s. This is an excellent opportunity for UNHAN lecturers and student cadets to get closer to the mystical atmosphere as researchers and engineers, who must be in direct contact with research tools and laboratories, especially at KST Serpong which is the most complete research area in Indonesia.

Especially now that BRIN is a research institution that unites all human resources of researchers, assets, programs and research budgets. “This visit is something that should be continued to be nurtured and maintained so that it will snowball to become a better cooperation. We hope that all information and access in this area can be elaborated, and hopefully science and technology will be more advanced and developed, and specifically for defense and security technology, this is the hope of all of us,” added Tjahjo.

The academic community of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of UNHAN then received various information about the activities, facilities and services provided by BRIN’s Structural Strength Technology Research Center (B2TKS). The types of technology services provided by this research center include testing, calibration, inspection and certification services for industrial partners, state enterprises, universities, and other stakeholders.

This research center has made many contributions and collaborations including testing of the strength of the N250 aircraft structure, measuring the damage tolerance level of the N219 aircraft, static testing of unmanned aircraft structures (PUNA), high-speed train bearing tests, BUOY hydrostatic tests, bomb and missile development tests, CN 235 aircraft fatigue test, motor vehicle road simulation test, and so forth. To get to know more about research activities at BRIN KST-Serpong, the UNHAN academic community also had the opportunity to directly visit the laboratories and facilities of the Structural Strength Technology Research Center. (aps/edit:aj)