NO: 013 /SP/HM/BKPUK/I/2022

Open Selection for BRIN Echelon I Positions, 84 Applicants from Various Backgrounds

After organizing the stages of administrative selection and interview, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) announced the final results of open selection for Middle-High Level Leadership Positions the first stage of 2021. 84 applicants were identified from BRIN and Non-BRIN civil servants, and the private sectors.


Jakarta, 2 February 2022. The Open Selection for BRIN’s Middle-High Leadership positions Stage I Year 2021 was opened from 3-17 November 2021. “BRIN is always open to receiving excellent human resources from various ministries/agencies and beyond,” said Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko. “The main characters needed for the positions are among others human resources with integrity, love for study and hard work, and open minded,” he said.

BRIN Chief Secretary, Nur Tri Aries Suestiningtyas, said that the top three have been selected for each position offered by BRIN. “Interestingly, the interest of the applicants is quite high, some of the applicants are even directors in a corporation. This shows that many parties outside BRIN have good optimism for development,” she said.

Based on data, this BRIN’s first open selection succeeded in attracting 84 applicants. Out of the four positions, most applicants are for the position of Deputy for Regional Research and Innovation (BRIDA), 42 applicants.

Considering the results of all the selection stages, several things are to be conveyed in a written official announcement. The announcement includes names of the participants who have passed the selection. “The names of participants in the attachment to this announcement are arranged in alphabetical order of first name, and will be submitted to the President of the Republic of Indonesia for decision in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations,” explained Nur.

In her official statement, she ratified the list of candidates for BRIN echelon I. The candidates for Deputy for Development Policy are Boediastoeti Ontowirjo, Mego Pinandito, and Tatang Muttaqin. The candidates for Deputy for Policy Research and Innovation are Boediastoeti Ontowirjo, Dudi Hidayat, and Eniya Listiani Dewi. The candidates for Deputy for Regional Research and Innovation are Eniya Listiani Dewi, Mego Pinandito, and Yopi, and the candidates for Principal Inspectors are Arief Tri Hardiyanto, Christianus Ratrias Dewanto, and Yudi Purwantoro

Nur emphasized that the decision of the Open Selection Committee for BRIN’s Middle-High Leadership Position year 2021 BRIN is final and incontestable.

In addition to open selection for the four echelon I positions, BRIN has also opened and extended the period for selection for Head of Research Organization position until 4 February 2022. Further information can be found at