Bali – BRIN Public Relations. The Bali Provincial Archeology Office – the National Research and Innovation Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BRIN RI) has held a melaspas (housewarming) ceremony for the newly renovated building, on Monday (17/01). The melaspas party coincided with the full moon which is believed by Balinese Hindus as the good day to perform ceremonies and clean up negative elements. The ceremony also marked the BRIN Bali Archaeological Office’s readiness to provide best services.

Head of the Bali Provincial Archaeological Office – BRIN RI Ida Bagus Putu Prajna Yogi hoped that with the completed renovation of the Bali Archaeological Office, the spirit of serving the community will boost. “Many people have asked us to help them read lontar – palm leaf manuscripts, even to act as an expert witness related to reading ancient manuscripts,” said Yogi.

Furthermore, Yogi said that excellent service programs such as the House of Civilization will continue. He emphasized that the house of civilization program can raise public awareness. “Archaeological remains are not only artifacts but have knowledge value and become one of supporters in increasing the creative economy,” he said.

Other services that can be provided by the Bali Provincial Archaeological Office-BRIN for the general public include public library services, translation of lontar, research on ancient cultural objects, museum visits, and information dissemination services related to archeology. The Bali Provincial Archeology Office – BRIN is also the place for students to learn about cultural objects, apprenticeships and student research. (gp, yul/ ed: drs)