Bandung, BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), through the Data and Information Science Research Center, in collaboration with the Moroccan Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Sustainable Development organized the Fifth Edition of the International Conference on Networking, Information Systems & Security (NISS 2022) under the theme “Envisage Intelligent Systems in 5G/6G-based Interconnected Digital Worlds” through virtual meetings, Wednesday-Thursday (30-31/03).

NISS is a comprehensive conference which focuses on various developments of Intelligent Information Systems, Cyber ​​Security and Network Technology. The main goal of NISS is to enhance the research carried out by researchers around the world and lead to cutting-edge innovation and encourage open discussion about the latest developments in communication technology, computers and information technology. The conference invites scientists to submit their scientific studies showing the latest advances in computer communications, wireless/cellular networks, data technology, intelligent systems, and cybersecurity, both in theoretical and practical aspects.

Head of BRIN’s Electronics and Informatics Research Organization, Budi Prawara, said that the NISS 2022 international conference aims to enhance research leading to the latest discoveries by presenting the highest scientific studies and encouraging open discussion about the latest advances in Information and Communication Technology and computers.

“I believe that the NISS 2022 will bring the best results in terms of technology and science. Researchers from various countries who gather in this event are expected to establish partnerships with companies, small-scale industries, and share their research developments with research institutions and universities, “explained Budi when opening the event.

Chief Executive of NISS 2022 from Indonesia, Ahmad Afif Supianto, said that this year is a little different because the conference committee will publish papers that will be presented in the IEEE Explore and Springer. This year, the NISS 2022 committee has received 85 papers. After going through the scientific review process, the committee selected 48 submissions from various countries, such as Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Latvia, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Taiwan, and other countries around the world.

“This conference aims to play the role of researchers who are connected around the world to spread and share new ideas. The theme of this conference is the second ranking system in 5G or 6G, an interconnected digital base,” Afif explained.

Meetings and Collaboration Opportunities between Scientists, Researchers and Professionals

Apart from Indonesia, the welcome remarks were also given by Deputy Chief Executive of NISS 2022, Mohammed Ben Ahmed. The man who comes from Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco said this 5th international conference will discuss information systems, network management, and security. This conference aims to bring together scientists, researchers and industry professionals at one table for discussion.

“Innovative ideas and diverse topics on technology, and networks are important for the next generation. This is an international conference that was first held in Morocco in 2018 and received submissions of scientific papers from around 44,000 with participants from more than 40 countries,” he said. He hopes that next year the participants can come back and invite more colleagues to join the next NISS.

Deputy Chief Executive of NISS 2022, Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim said this conference could not be successful without the collaboration of various parties and the participation of scientists from all over the world. “I thank you because many have trusted NISS and shared their knowledge with us and contributed,” said the man from the Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies, Morocco.

The NISS 2022 was filled with presentations from key speakers, including Dr. Korhan Cengiz, University of Fujairah, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates; Prof. Michal Wozniak, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland; Prof. Haibin Zhu, Nipissing University, Ontario, Canada; Prof. Kathleen Kramer, University of San Diego, San Diego, USA; as well as parallel presentation of papers from participants from various countries who have been selected to present at this conference. (NU/ ed. kg)