Minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir said that the government ensured that researchers and innovators who benefited from state facilities would receive royalty after their projects were produced for public use.

“When I became minister, researchers and innovators in higher education institutions could not receive royalty, because they were seen as only using state’s research facility. Nobody would dare to create if the scheme is like that,” Nasir said after the launching event of 4G LTE base station at Bandung Institute of Technology, February 1.

Nasir said he had communicated the royalty scheme to the law and human rights minister.

On the new 4G LTE product, which would be manufactured by PT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT INTI), ITB rector Kadarsyah Suryadi said: “We thank all parties for their support on the InfiniTeBe product … I highly appreciate PT INTI for their manufacturing initiative.”

InfiniTeBe 4G LTE Base Station is a device which distribute 4G LTE signal from smartphone to satellite vice versa. It is hoped that this device could replace BTS which is much bigger and expensive. With a size similar to a backpack, it is a portable device that can be produced in massive scale depending on the need.

Another event on the same day was the launching of the Cloud Computing Innovation Center, a joint project of ITB and e-commerce unit Bukalapak.

At the event, Nasir praised Bukalapak for its status as the only start-up company with asset capitalization above USD 1 billion that had established a research center in Indonesia.

Bukalapak CEO Ahmad Zaky said his company had also donated Bukabikes, bicycles that can be operated within the ITB compound. Students can find the bikes through the Bukalapak mobile app and can unlock them by scanning the barcodes.

Zaky said he hoped that Indonesian millennials could become inventors and innovators, being able to produce things like Google and Facebook in the future.