Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohammad Nasir made a visit to Sweden. During the visit the Minister was accompanied by several Director General within Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education; Patdono Suwignjo from Directorate General for Science & Technology Institution and Higher Education, Ali Gufron from Directorate General of Science & Technology Resource and Higher Education, Head of Public Communication and Cooperation Nada Marsudi, and Special Staff Lukmanul Khakim. During the visit Nasir met with the Minister of Research and Education for Sweden, Helene Hellmark Knutsson to sign a “Letter of Intent of Cooperation for Higher Education, Research and Innovation”.

This visit is intended to strengthen and improve relations between both countries in the field of higher education, research, and innovation. Thus scope identified among others, include improvement on collaboration and exchange of information and knowledge within scientific research, encourage and facilitate entities/institutions in Indonesia and Sweden that are interested to cooperate in areas of research, education and innovation, and to increase  exchange program of scientists/researchers, specialists, lecturers and students. Nasir advised, “the collaboration with Sweden is considered constructive among other ones, especially in the field of research and higher education, which need to be improved at this stage. This is a good catalyst for research and innovation involvement as well as to strengthen and multiply access for higher education in Indonesia.”

Based on the Innovation Index published by Global Innovation Index (GII) Sweden is ranked on 3rd position. Currently around 150 Indonesian students are studying in Sweden, either in private or state universities. They are recipients of LPDP scholarship, where at least six universities have already work together with LPDP. This is considered as a response of a visit done a few years ago by delegation of chairman from universities in Sweden whom visited Indonesia to establish collaboration in higher education, research and innovation.

Today there are many scientists that have establish collaboration in the field of public health, renewable energy, waste management and engineering. In 2016, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education wishes to improve collaboration between both country through research done by Sweden researchers and implementation of other strategic projects in Indonesia such as Science Technology Park (STP) and the Center of Excellence (CoE).

During his trip in Sweden, among some of the places visited by Nasir are Karolinska Istitutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University and Ideon Science Park of Sweden, in addition to meet Indonesian students, which is necessary due to increased number of Indonesian students studying in Sweden for education and research. (dts)