Minister for research, technology and higher education Mohamad Nasir inaugurated on January 29 the building of Riau University’s pulp and paper study program. The course was jointly developed by the university, Tanoto Foundation and PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP).

Nasir praised the educational collaboration, saying he hoped that the fresh course could make Riau University the center for pulp-and-paper-related studies and help meet the demand for well-trained resources for the industry.

“Hopefully, more universities would establish new programs that are in line with the contemporary challenges in our times,” said Nasir.

Aras Mulyadi, Riau University rector, said his institution always supported the government’s visions and missions in boosting the quality of Indonesia’s higher education.

Tanoto Foundation’s global CEO J Satrijo Tanudjojo said the program matched the profile of Riau province as a top global pulp and paper producer. Riau University has been cooperating with Tanoto Foundation since 2006 in a leadership development program.

RAPP president director Sihol P. Aritonang said he hoped that the new study program could give birth to experts in the paper industry and then help boost the nation’s economy.

The program’s building consists of six classrooms, six research laboratories, two meeting rooms and a library. RAPP and Tanoto Foundation also helped with providing direct access to the pulp and paper industry and lecturers experienced in the industry. This year, RAPP sends 29 employees to study there.