Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The development of the Merah Putih Covid-19 Vaccine carried out by the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, which is now the Eijkman Molecular Biology Research Center (PRBM), is set to continue. This was conveyed by Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko in the Sapa Indonesia Pagi dialogue with Kompas TV, Wednesday (05/01).

“Our main concern and focus are to increase productivity, so this Eijkman institutional change is to strengthen Eijkman. I can assure you that the Eijkman vaccine team will continue to run, the institution will be strengthened, the human resources will actually increase from other experts from ex-LIPI, ex-Balitbangkes who will soon join,” explained Head of BRIN Handoko.

Handoko revealed that as the Head of BRIN, he is responsible for serving researchers by seeking various solutions to answer the needs and problems of researchers thus far, one of which is infrastructure. “Infrastructure is one of our problems so far, why research is slow. That’s why we prepare the infrastructure simultaneously or in parallel and include the funding,” he continued.

In accordance with the discussion as conveyed jointly with Commission VII of the House of Representatives of RI, research related to the handling of Covid-19 remains BRIN’s main priority in 2022, such as the Merah Putih Vaccine and non-PCR detection tools. “I know that fellow researchers are working hard for this, and we have built the Macaca Animal BSL-3 facility to help facilitate not only Eijkman, but also 7 other Merah Putih Vaccine teams,” said Handoko.

“I believe that collaboration under various schemes and resources owned by BRIN will increase the capacity and productivity of researchers. I ensure you fellow researchers are able to stand on equal footing, especially when collaborating with foreign parties,” asserted Handoko. (ap)