Semarang – Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), Mohamad Nasir, inaugurated the Center of Innovation and   Technology Business at Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP). He also launched Technopreneurship discipline and  established the Secretariat Forum for Indonesian Innovation Center Communications.

The inauguration was carried out  after reviewing the Joint Selection for State Universities Admission (SBMPTN) in UNDIP  and Universitas Negeri  Semarang (UNNES) on Tuesday (31/5).

The Center of Innovation and Technology Business  at the Faculty of Engineering, UNDIP is the result of the cooperation between UNDIP and the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)  in order to accelerate the downstreaming process of research results.

On this occasion, Menristekdikti stated that one of the effort to increase the nation’s competitiveness value is through innovation. Innovation is a result  of the research. However, nowadays, most of the innovations created by the universities (in particular) stop on publication only, not yet reach the downstreaming phase.  In fact, to promote  the nation’s competitiveness, research results should be down-streamed into innovation products.

“Research costs are expensive. Therefore, the research results  especially in university  should be downstreamed into  business or industry. Do not just stop on scientific publications,” added  Nasir.

On the same occasion, Nasir also launched Technopreneurship  discipline which will be adopted by the Faculty of Engineering, . Nasir appreciated the adoption of the discipline by the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP.

This is expected to increase student competences in facing global era. However, Nasir advised that the discipline  could be developed by combining it with other disciplines.

At the end of the occasion, Nasir had the opportunity to take a look at the mini exhibition of research results and innovation products produced by the academic community of Universitas  Diponegoro. (msf,rh,wn/bkkp)