Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Management of research vessels Baruna Jaya I, III, and VIII owned by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) is now entering a new stage. Previously, these research vessels were managed by former Non-Ministerial Government Institutions (LPNK). After the integration of all research institutions into BRIN, all the research vessels become BRIN’s assets under the Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure. Starting 1 April 2022, these three research vessels will be managed by a professional, namely Sinarmas LDA Maritime (SLM).

This was stated by Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure, Yan Rianto after receiving a visit from the SLM Management in Jakarta, Friday (08/04). “As a research institution, BRIN should focus on research and innovation activities, while the infrastructure should be better managed by professionals,” he said.

“BRIN focuses on research and innovation, so that operational matters such as management of research vessels are left to professionals,” said Yan.

According to Yan, management of research vessels by other parties will be a solution to the problems that have been faced by BRIN, one of which is payment of wages for the crew of the vessels (ABK). So far, payment of the crew’s wages follows the salary standards set by the government, and this has prevented the crew from developing.

“Through this third party, the crew members’ wages will of course be adjusted to the provisions of the managing company. It is hoped that the crew who have met the requirements will be absorbed and earn appropriate salaries,” he added.

Yan said further, through SLM’s sophisticated facilities, it becomes easier for the agency to monitor the condition and position of ships sailing, which BRIN had not been able to do thus far. By doing so, it is hoped that the research vessels can operate better and it will be easier to know the condition of the vessels hence facilitating repairs in case of damage.

Before appointing SLM as the manager of BRIN’s research vessels, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation, Agus Haryono, said that the agency had experienced difficulties in getting potential partners. “In this case, the Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation has a role in selecting prospective partners to manage the research vessels. However, along the way, there were difficulties in getting partners, because the majority of prospective partners who take part in the selection did not meet the quality standards of qualifications, “said Agus.

Acting Director of Research Vessel Fleet Management, Nugroho Dwi Hananto said, with the change in the management of research vessels, the first thing to do is to familiarize the crew members with the research vessels managed by SLM, namely Baruna Jaya I Research Vessel, Baruna Jaya III Research Vessel, and Baruna Jaya VIII Research Vessel. “The familiarization includes all parts of the deck, engine and navigation as well as safety,” said Nugroho.

“This opportunity will also be used to carry out defects list or identify components that require repairs, which can be done by the crew themselves or must be carried out by third-party technicians/experts. The adjustment period is around 2 weeks while repair works are estimated to take 1 month,” he continued.

Regarding the mechanism for utilizing these research vessels, Nugroho explained that BRIN’s research vessels are intended to serve marine scientific research carried out by research institutions, universities and also industrial research. The mechanism can be through the scheme of sailing day facilitation provided by the Directorate of Research and Innovation Funding.

“Interested researchers are expected to submit proposals which will be reviewed by independent reviewers. The mechanism other than using the facilitation of sailing days is to use the cooperation scheme with the Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure, “explained Nugroho.

Under this cooperation scheme, use of research vessels is carried out through cooperation contract between the Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure and research institutions. The Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure through the Directorate of Research Vessel Fleet Management prepares research, both personnel and the required instrumentation and coordinates with SLM as the ship operator to prepare the necessary research vessels.

With regard to the handover of the management of BRIN’s research vessels, Nugroho hopes that the agency can start professional management of research vessels that meet the national and global standards and norms so that they can optimally improve coastal, sea and ocean research services to researchers and the industry. This type of management is the first in the country and is a management breakthrough to create a dynamic and productive research ecosystem, especially coastal, sea and ocean research that needs the presence of BRIN’s research vessels

CEO of PT. SLM, Matthieu Lavoine gave an overview of the company he leads. SLM is a joint venture between Sinarmas and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. SLM is a logistics provider and is an integrated ship owner company. “SLM employs 2,000 people in Indonesia and owns and operates 100 Indonesian-flagged vessels of various sizes and capabilities,” said Matthieu. (pur/ed: drs)