Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Last 4 March, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) held the inauguration ceremony and the oath-taking of 10 Heads of Research Organizations (RO). One of the inaugurated RO Heads is Head of Aviation and Space RO (OR PA), Robertus Heru Triharjanto.

In an online interview with CNBC, Friday (11/03), Heru said, BRIN OR PA consists of 5 Research Centers (RC), namely Satellite Technology RC, Aviation Technology RC, Remote Sensing RC, Space RC, and Rocket Technology RC.

Satellite Technology RC is currently focusing on developing the Lapan A-4 satellite. The Lapan A-4 satellite can monitor the earth for natural resources and environmental conditions to disaster analysis and fish theft.

“At the end of this year, we plan to launch the Lapan A-4 satellite,” said Heru.

Then the Aviation Technology RC will develop the N219A aircraft in collaboration with PT. Indonesian Aerospace. The development is directed at amphibious platforms. These N219 amphibious aircraft are indispensable for an archipelagic country like Indonesia.

“We are a maritime country. We must have a solution for transportation that can enter islands with no airports. One of which is to turn passenger planes to amphibious one,” said Heru.

Regarding remote sensing research, the Remote Sensing RC will continue to develop methodologies from sensing technology. Remote sensing technology has been utilized among others for potential fishing zones, detection of marine pollution such as oil spills, etc.

“In the future, we seek to get more data and more output that can be a solution to problems in Indonesia from remote sensing,” he said.

Space RC focuses on solar observation, because Heru explained that many phenomena from solar observation can have an impact on Earth, such as the ionosphere condition.

“Ionosphere is the highest layer of our atmosphere where the atmosphere is ionized, so there is polarity. Conditions there will affect radio transmission, navigation satellites, and communication satellites,” he explained.

Rocket Technology RC continues to develop rocket technology, mainly focusing on defence rocket.

“The defence industry makes defence rockets, but from the side of research center, we are tasked with helping them with the knowledge (core knowledge) we have,” concluded Heru (tnt)