Jakarta – Secretary General for the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (MoRTHE), Ainun Na’im received a benchmarking visit from Kenya which was led by Rector for National Defense College (NDC) of the Republic of Kenya, and accompanied by NDC officials and representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Kenya. A.K Mulata. Ainun Na’im was accompanied by the Head for Bureu of Cooperation and Public Communication, Nada Marsudi, and representatives from the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs. This visit was conducted at the Dikti Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5/2016).

A.K Mulata coveyed that this visit brings a great mission. Kenya is really keen to learn the education system mechanism of Indonesia Defense University. Moreover, this visit was intended to explore the experiences and challenges faced by Indonesia, regarding on how to exercise a good management system on Indonesia Defense University.

Kenya sees Indonesia having a good experience and knowledge, considering the important role of Indonesia in global world. “We already have a defense institution which has been running for 20 years in Kenya and now it is time to improve and build a defense university in Kenya, where Indonesia can be a model for us” said Mulata.

Ainun Na’im responded positively the strategic plan that will be carried out by Kenya to develop NDC to become a university. On the occasion, Ainun Na’im delivered the main role of the MoRTHE as a policy maker on science, technology and higher education in Indonesia. “Those activities based on the 7+1 priority research focus areas in Indonesia. Defense is one of them, similar with the Government of Kenya, the defense is seen as an important area for the development of Indonesia”, he explained.

Responding the questions from Kenya’s delegation about how Indonesia build the Defense University, Ainun Na’im explained that MoRTHE is collaborating with the Ministry of Defense. According to its role, MoRTHE has responsibility to determine the standard academic implementation and institutional regulation, while the Ministry of Defense determines the course that match to the field of defense. Through that management and development system, the educational process is expected to create superior human resource both on the basis of civilian and military.

Furthermore, the delegation of Kenya also obtained the information related to the regulation which is adopted in the granting system of professional degree, the accreditation system of for program study and universities, the quality assurance system, and the monitoring and evaluating system that conducted by MoRTHE on Indonesian Universities. “We will we take home the result that we got today, and we will build our Defense University.” Said Brigadier Mulata.

At the end of meeting, Ainun Na’im hoped this discussion could bring a positive impact for the development of Defense University in Kenya and may increase bilateral relations between Indonesia and Kenya in the future, especially in the field of higher education. (nna/bkkp)