Indonesian Lecturer’s Scholarship abbreviated as BUDI, is the new scholarship program by Government of Indonesia to continue Postgraduate Scholarship, both domestically and abroad, which curremtly is being managed by Directorate General of Science & Technology and Higher Education Resources of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

BUDI is intended for permanent Indonesian lecturers from state and private universities under Kemenristekdikti supervision. It is expected that the number of permanent lecturers supported by Kemristekdikti will continue to improve in terms of quality and quantity.
BUDI is a collective program between the Directorate General of Science & Technology and Higher Education Resources (SDID) with the Institute of Fund Management for Education (LPDP) which is expected to be a milestone towards activities across ministries.

“By collaborating the Directorate General of Science & Technology and Higher Education Resources experience in managing scholarship and the cash management expertise owned by LPDP, this synergy will benefit scholarship recipients understanding that the expected process on receiving scholarship fund will run smoothly,” said M. Nasir (Menristekdikti ) in his opening remarks during launching of BUDI at Puspiptek Serpong (02/05).

At the same occasion a memorandum of understanding was also signed between Director General SDID Ali Ghufron with LPDP Director Eko Prasetyo.

BUDI is open to all full-time lecturers from state/private universities that owns NIDN/NIDK (National Lecturer Identification Number/Special Lecturer Identification Number) and other requirements listed in Scholarship selection will be carried out in synergy between the Postgraduate Universities Provider, Directorate General of SDID and LPDP for postgraduate education within country. Meanwhile for overseas postgraduate education selection is done collectively by Directorate General of SDID with LPDP.

BUDI distributes scholarship funds in accordance with LPDP standards, both in terms of amount and payment mechanism for the funds. These scholarships will monitor the recipient’s progress related to study taken and performance of postgraduate education providers.

Every lecturers in Indonesia now have wider opportunities to develop themselves and improve competency. It is expected that lecturers can compete in a healthy manner and use this opportunity as well as possible, in order to contribute for a better teaching and learning process. Hence the next generation will consist of qualified students who have the competitiveness needed in international community, as well as having noble personality. (dts)