Bandung – BRIN Public Relations. Committed to developing aviation products, the National and Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) together with PT Dirgantara Indonesia collaborated in the development of the medium altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft and the N219 aircraft and their variants. This collaboration is realized through a Memorandum of Understanding between the two which was signed on Thursday (27/01), by BRIN Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization together and PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

The Director of Commerce, Technology and Development of PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Gita Amperiawan, in his speech expressed his gratitude for the presence of the Head of BRIN and his staff at PT DI on Thursday (27/01). This memorandum of understanding has been awaited because it is the upstream for the industry in developing our innovative products. “Some of the collaborations are national activity projects which will then be followed up with a Cooperation Agreement (PKS), among others development of Male which is ready to fly again, as well as those two programs,” explained Gita.

“We are expecting your direction, on how PT Dirgantara can synergize with BRIN. We are ready to commit to becoming an industry that is mandated to develop Research and Development (R&D) in the aerospace sector,” concluded Gita

On this occasion, Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency, LT Handoko, also thanked PT Dirgantara Indonesia for being willing to continue the commitment with BRIN to develop the aviation industry, “In the future there can be no development program without PT Dirgantara Indonesia, BRIN has the capacity to support research and development activities,” said Handoko.

With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, both parties are committed to have synergy in resources and competencies to support the implementation of duties and functions in developing the Male UAV and the N219 aircraft and their variants. “Legally, BRIN and PT DI have co-developed strategic aviation products for PT DI,” explained Handoko. (kg)