Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko installed Zainal Arief as Director of the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic. The installation ceremony took place at the BJ Habibie Building, 24th floor, Thursday (17/02). The head of BRIN advised that a lot of homework awaits Zainal Arief, one of which is how to transform and bring the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic to a much higher level.

The head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko conveyed several messages to the structural officials he had just appointed. First, he advised that Zainal could increase the accreditation status of the Nuclear Polytechnic to a higher level, so that the institution can open vocational Masters and Doctoral Degrees education, especially in the field of nuclear power.

His second message is that Zainal is expected to increase the interest of young generation to join the Nuclear Polytechnic. “We are targeting the capacity of the Nuclear Polytechnic to reach 1,000 students,” said the Head of BRIN.

Handoko continued that a joint commitment is needed to achieve this target, not only from the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic itself but also from the BRIN community, in particular the Deputy for Human Resources, Science and Technology. “We have committed to make a lot of changes, so we make all of the facilities free of charge. The 4-year education is free and in the future we are seeing to provide dormitories for students,” he continued.

“We hope the Nuclear Polytechnic can really become a leading educational institution that has very complete facilities, including experimental reactors, medical nuclear equipment, industrial nuclear equipment, which we will soon provide at the Babarsari campus, Yogyakarta City. Furthermore, we will declare the Babarsari campus to be the world’s leading Nuclear Technology Education Center,” explained Handoko

The Head of BRIN also expressed his gratitude for the best service and contribution made by Muhtadan, Acting Director of the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic for the period of 30 October 2021 to 17 February 2022. “To the new Director of the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic, I expect to see mutual cooperation to accommodate all the community, functional officials, partners and colleagues to be able to contribute more optimally for the best interest of the nation and state, especially in the fields of education, development and utilization of nuclear technology,” said Handoko.

On the same occasion, the Head of BRIN also installed 6 (six) employees within BRIN as Functional Officials, comprising 2 peneliti ahli madya (associate researchers) and 1 peneliti ahli muda (junior associate researcher), 2 perekayasa ahli muda (junior associate engineers) and 1 perekayasa ahli pertama (first junior associate engineer).

Names of the appointed officials:

  1. Dr. Eng. Zainal Arief, S.T., M.T. installed as Director of the Indonesian Nuclear Technology Polytechnic;
  2. Dr. dr. Andi Nanis Sacharina Marzuki, Sp.A(K)., as Associate Researcher;
  3. Raden Arthur Ario Lelono, Ph.D., as Associate Researcher;
  4. Fitri Kurniawati, M.I.L., as Junior Associate Researcher;
  5. Deasy Tresnoningrum, S.Si, M.T., as a Junior Associate Engineer;
  6. Hendra Adinanta, S.T., M.Eng., as a Junior Associate Engineer; and
  7. Amrullah Abdul Qadir, S.T., as the First Junior Associate Engineer. (ap/ed: drs)