Cibinong, BRIN Public Relations. The Integrated Laboratory of Bioproduct (iLaB) is one of testing laboratories owned by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and is the first Integrated Laboratory of Bioproducts (iLaB) in Indonesia, located at the Biomaterials Research Center, Cibinong Science Center – Botanical Garden (CSC-BG), Bogor Regency.

It is called integrated because iLaB performs the process of testing services starting from preparation, formulation, testing, characterization, identification and quantification of a material and then continued with formulation of the material so that it turns into a bioproduct.

Furthermore, iLaB conducts material testing until certification, and finally, develops a method for standardizing a bioproduct if the bioproduct does not yet have a standard.

iLaB Manager, Maya Ismayati explained that the service application process can be accessed by anyone via  and can be assisted in term of technical matters via WhatsApp ELSA Cibinong on +62 812-8463-6367, with the service hours: Monday – Friday (08.00 – 16.00 West Indonesia Time). Updates related to services or facilities at iLaB can also be monitored via Instagram on iLaB: @ilab_brin.

“The total non-tax state revenue at iLaB in 2021 is 548,263,000 rupiah with a total of 714 services (58% used by internal BRIN and 42% by external users such as universities/industries). The Top 5 ELSA services at iLaB are FTIR, DSC, Freeze dry, SEM-EDS and UTM 10kN,” explained Maya.

With respect to the iLaB 2022 Managerial Team, Maya admitted that she is assisted by six Service Supervisors for the process of coordinating ELSA implementation at iLaB, namely Fenny Clara Ardiati (Preparation and Formulation Supervisor), Dimas Triwibowo (Bioproduct Process Supervisor), M. Adly Rahandi Lubis (Macroscopic Testing Supervisor), ), Yudhi Dwi Kurniawan (Microscopic Testing Supervisor), Yeyen Nurhamiyah (Cromatographic Characterization Supervisor), and Helbert (Microscopic Characterization Supervisor).

Maya further said, to introduce any services or tools at ILaB, the iLaB Managerial Team had organized two webinars at the end of 2021, namely series of webinars on Resources at your Finger for PyGCMS and Raman tools. “It is our hope that the research facilities at iLaB can be utilized by all stakeholders, namely researchers, Central/Regional Governments, Universities/Academics, Private/Small Industries/Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises and the community,” he concluded. (aa ed sl)