Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. A total of 869 Civil Servants Candidates (CPNS) and researchers from research and development (R&D) units of Ministries/Institutions have been officially inaugurated within the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The event, which was held online and offline, took place at the B.J. Building. Habibie, Jakarta, Monday (03/01).

Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko said that the transfer to BRIN is in accordance with Law no. 11 of 2019 and Presidential Regulation No. 78 of 2021 regarding BRIN and is a major milestone for all of us.

“I ask all leaders and the big family of BRIN to accept these newly inaugurated civil servants and researchers as our new family members and it is hoped that with this merger and transfer, we can work as soon as possible,” said Handoko in his speech.

“The integration of ministries/institutions’ R&Ds, is expected to make a real contribution and be able to collaborate and work with anyone in this country as soon as possible, including friends from campuses and the industry,” he concluded.

A researcher from the Supreme Court who has been transferred to BRIN, Budi Suhariyanto, hopes that through BRIN he can directly carry out research, development and assessment activities related to law and justice as well as see law enforcement from the side of police, prosecutors, courts, to counselling related to law.

“Joining BRIN can improve collaboration with universities, researchers across research centers such as social researchers and political researchers, which makes its dimensions wider and hopefully more useful,” said Budi.

Mahmudah Nur, a researcher from the Ministry of Religious Affairs who is also transferred to BRIN believes that through this merger, research areas, especially religious research can be more developed because they can collaborate religious theories with other scientific theories.

“Keep your spirits up in the new house. The work style will definitely be different from the previous one, so we must be able to adapt quickly to the new work model at BRIN,” explained Mahmudah.

Also attending the inauguration and taking the oath were Acting Chief Secretary of BRIN Nur Tri Aries Suestiningtyas, and a number of Deputy officials. (zul & frd/ ed: drs)