Minister for research, technology and higher education, Mohamad Nasir, has officially launched the agency for university entrance tests (LTMPT). It was done on January 4 at the ministry’s national working meeting held in Semarang’s Diponegoro University.

Nasir praises the Council for Indonesian University Rectors (MRPTNI) for establishing the new agency, which focuses on developing the tests’ system. He hopes that it could attract good quality potential students in the future.

“We hope that the new system could help all senior high school students in Indonesia prepare for the tests,” said Nasir.

MRPTNI chairman Kadarsyah Suryadi said LTMPT aims to 1) administer the tests based on principles of credibility, justice, transparency, flexibility, efficiency and accountability; 2) help universities get potential students who are likely to complete higher education based on entrance tests results.

LTMPT will have three core activities: 1) manage data of potential test takers, hold computer-based entrance test and announce tests results to the takers as well as universities.

Benefits from the presence of LTMPT include 1) computer-based tests will lower the number of form-filling errors, 2) the tests will be done simultaneously at 74 locations, 3) test takers obtain the results individually ten days after they take the tests and 4) all takers can sit the tests two times.

Below is the timeline regarding the university entrance tests in 2019:


  • January 4 to 24: verification of data on schools and students
  • February 4 to 14: registration of university entrance tests
  • March 23: results announcement


  • March 1 to April 1: Registration
  • April 13 to May 26: Test takers sit the test
  • April 23 to June 2: results announcement