Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. Head of Health Research Organization (RO) Ni Luh P. Indi Dharmayanti emphasized to researchers in each Research Center under her coordination that research should not stop only at publication, but must proceed to become an innovation. This was said by Dharmayanti after her inauguration as Head of the Health Research Organization under the coordination of BRIN, Friday (04/03).

According to her, the Health RO is currently in the spotlight as Indonesia is still in the Covid-19 pandemic. Various efforts must be made immediately to find solutions so that Indonesia can soon exit the pandemic situation that has plagued the country in the last 2 years.

On the other hand, Dharmayanti explained, nearly 90% of the ingredients for medicines and medical devices needed by Indonesia are still dominated by imported products. For this reason, research in Indonesia, especially in the health sector, must be pushed to become innovation, not stop at publication.

Dharmayanti likens the situation to a bus stop, in a research, publication is just a bus stop and you must continue to the final terminal which is an invention and innovation. “I encourage researchers that publication is only a bus stop, that it should not stop and it must continue to become an invention and innovation,” said Dharmayanti.

“That will increase domestic health products and reduce dependence on imports of medicinal ingredients, vaccine ingredients, and all kinds of things,” she continued.

With regard to the short-term targets that will soon be completed at the Health RO, Dharmayanti will focus on completion of the merah putih vaccine that will be the pride of Indonesia when it starts production. In addition, several researches related to adjuvant therapeutic materials that have been carried out at BRIN, some of which are still in the research process and awaiting clinical trials, will be accelerated.

“It is hoped that people will use domestic health products and reduce dependence on imports from abroad,” she said.

She emphasized that, related to policies in the health sector, the Health RO will improve coordination with the Ministry of Health and other parties in order to provide research support in the health sector.

To make it happen, Dharmayanti admitted, is not an easy job. It requires strong coordination and consolidation with researchers in each Research Center (RC) within  the Health RO. “Researchers in the Health RO will certainly not only come from the R&D of the Ministry of Health, but will later come from several former non-ministerial government institutions (LPNK) or other ministries. To that end, the first thing that must be done immediately is coordination and consolidation related to human resources at the Health RO,” she explained.

“Identification of research activities that have been carried out by each research center under the coordination of the Health RO is equally important, especially to map the number of human resources needed,” she added.

The efforts that will be made by Dharmayanti at the Health RO are the steps that should be taken in accordance with the mandate conveyed by the Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko at the inauguration speech that the installed Heads of ROs and Acting Heads of Research Centers are expected to assist BRIN in carrying out its duties and functions.

“After completion of HR mapping process, it is hoped that heads of RC and RO immediately focus on running the program home that are under their responsibility,” added Handoko (pur)