Cipanas – BRIN Public Relations. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko visited the Highland Experimental Garden, Isotope and Radiation Application Center, and Training Facilities at BRIN’s Education and Training Center located in Palasari Village, Cipanas Cianjur, Friday (18/03). The working visit was intended to see the potential of BRIN’s Highland Experimental Garden as a research site in the agricultural sector.

All this time, the experimental garden is a research facility owned by the former National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) which can be used by researchers both internally and externally.

Handoko said that the location already has adequate facilities to support research activities. “In the future, this experimental garden will be further developed so that the existing facilities can be utilized optimally for research activities. In fact, there is a discourse that agricultural research activities will be centered in this experimental garden,” he said.

According to Ichsan Taqwim Budi Prakoso, Coordinator of State Properties (BMN) of former BATAN – BMN Management and Procurement Bureau, the Highland Experimental Garden has a total land area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters. The area has several research support facilities such as tissue culture laboratories, green houses, meeting hall, and guesthouses. There are six guesthouses that researchers can use to drop by during research activities.

In addition, Ichsan said, there is a 1,500 square meter experimental land available for agricultural research activities. “Research projects that have been carried out in this area are such as research on commodities of sorghum, orchids, soybeans, rice, and so on,” he said.

Currently, the experimental garden is managed by five employees. Ichsan also hopes that after BATAN becomes BRIN, the facilities in this experimental garden can be utilized to the fullest. “Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, research activities have decreased and utilization of facilities becomes less,” said Ichsan.

During his visit, the Head of BRIN was accompanied by Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure, Yan Rianto, Acting Head of Bureau of Public Communication, General Affairs, and Secretariat, Driszal Fryantoni, Acting Head of Financial Planning Bureau, Prakoso Bhairawa, and Acting Head of State Property Management and Procurement Bureau, Christianus Ratrias Dewanto. (ns,ash/ ed: drs)