Bandung, BRIN Public Relations. 10 Archaeological Centers (Balar) which were under the National Archaeological Research Center have now integrated into BRIN. One of them is the West Java Archaeological Center located in Cinunuk, Cileunyi, West Java. Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency, Laksana Tri Handoko along with his ranks, on Thursday (27/1), visited the West Java Archaeological Center in order to coordinate and review work locations.

Deni Sutrisna, Head of the West Java Archaeological Center, said that there are 24 researchers who have joined BRIN. Researchers in the West Java Archaeological Center have produced many archaeological research and development in the working areas of DKI Jakarta, West Java, Banten and Lampung. “One of them is our leading program, the Rumah Peradaban (Civilization House), which is one of programs serving as educational destination for students,” explained Deni, who once was Head of Ambon and Medan Archaeological Centers.

Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, said that researchers in the West Java Archaeological Center are the most important assets in research, because the main asset of research is the researchers. “Speaking of potential, researchers in this center can have a career as researchers openly with the patterns and schemes that we have. There are a lot of potentials to continue studies or collaborate with various parties. We provide various schemes that can be accessed by anyone. BRIN is there for all Indonesian researchers, including those in industry and so on,” explained Handoko.

Handoko hopes that researchers can interact with various parties at BRIN by having research synergy, with those from various scientific fields related to research in Archaeological Centers. “All synergies are open, not only in the field of humanities, but also engineering or nuclear,” explained Handoko. (NU)