Jakarta- BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) again held a research professor inauguration event, on Thursday (10/03) in Jakarta. The procession of research professor inauguration was intended to four candidates, namely Ratih Dewanti (Researcher in the field of Remote Sensing Technology), Ganewati Wuryandari (Researcher in the field of International Relations), Widjajanti (Researcher in the field of Gender Sociology), and Rike Yudianti (Researcher in the field of Materials Engineering).

Ratih Dewanti presented her scientific oration entitled Optical Remote Sensing Data-based Technology for Efficient Monitoring of Mangrove in Indonesia. Ganewati Wuryandari delivered a scientific oration entitled the Foreign Policy of the Reform Era: The Rise of Indonesia as a Middle Power Country in the Regional and Global Arena. Widjajanti, delivered her scientific oration with the title Contribution of Feminist Sociology Perspectives: Representation of Indonesian Women, while Rike Yudianti presented her scientific oration entitled Development of Nanocellulose and Nanocarbons -Based Nanocomposites as Functional Materials.

Chairman of the Council of Research Professors Bambang Subiyanto advised the four candidates for research professors that the granting of Widyamala award indicates that the candidates have been officially confirmed as research professors. Nationally, the four professors are consecutively the 634th, 635th, 636th, 637th National Research Professors and the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th Research Professors at BRIN. “To the best men and women from the National Research and Innovation Agency who have worked diligently to devote themselves to the world of research according to their respective fields,” he said while draping the Widyamala award onto the new professors.

Head of BRIN Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko, congratulated the four newly inaugurated research professors. “The title of research professor is the highest title achieved by a researcher in his/her career. This is not only a title granted but also give an added moral burden which is certainly not light to bear,” he explained.

“In the new BRIN condition, we will be burdened with obligations that have never happened in the history of government institutions in Indonesia so far. We will carry out the mandate from this country, in good faith and the aim to fundamentally improve the research and innovation ecosystem in Indonesia,” he explained. He believes that with its human resources and talents, including the newly inaugurated 4 (four) Research Professors, BRIN can accelerate efforts to make this happen in the not too distant future.

“I am very delighted with the inauguration of 4 (four) new Research Professors. This is proof that BRIN in particular has a continuous regeneration of researchers to produce international quality research works. Hopefully this can inspire other researchers, so that competency regeneration is maintained and sustainable,” he said. According to him, regeneration of researchers is important to continue producing quality research results to support sustainable development. (sm/ed: drs)