Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations– As an implementation of Presidential Decree No. 78 of 2021, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has integrated the tasks and functions of R&D from 919 research units in 74 Ministries/Institutions including five research and technology main entities. Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, explained that the integration of R&D tasks and functions will be set into 12 Research Organizations (RO) and 85 Research Centers (RC) within BRIN.

“From 18 ROs and 104 RCs that we had proposed, approval has been granted to 12 ROs and 85 RCs. The process was actually quite long but the colleagues at the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform helped accelerate the finalization of RO and RC within BRIN. Currently, approval has been granted and is now in the process of promulgation at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,” said Handoko when giving a presentation at the Morning Call event, Monday (24/1).

Therefore, he continued, to follow up on the establishment of research centers and research organizations, the agency has started preparing human resource mapping, especially on research human resources. In addition, BRIN will also start registration for open selection specifically for Heads of ROs and Heads of RCs, so that the position of Heads of ROs and RCs can be filled, soon after the regulations are enacted. “We will soon open registration online. The selection is very simple, administered in two stages. Stage one is selection in ranking based on administrative compliance and track records. The second stage is interview,” he explained.

Handoko emphasized that the structure of RO and RC is non-structural on a functional basis. Hence the structure of RO and RC will be very dynamic, because it is oriented only to research. Administrative selection is managed by the Main Secretariat Team, and infrastructure matters by the Team from Deputy for Research and Innovation Infrastructure. “As ROs and RCs are non-structural, there can be continuous changes, if something is missing. So RO and RC only focus on research program,” he said.

Handoko said that the restructuring of RO and RC will be adjusted to the condition of resources. Some ministries and institutions, in particular, do not have units to take to BRIN. This is because not all resources, including human resources, assets, programs and budgets, are transferred to BRIN.

“So everything will be restructured, including the former LPNK, most of which are not mixed. We hope this will accelerate the process of integration, adaptation and a more fluid relationship among the existing civitates,” he explained.

On the other hand, the Head of BRIN said that the agency has completed transfer of assets with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health and the Attorney General’s Office. Transfer of Human Resources will be carried out as of 1 February 2022. “I welcome the new community into the agency. I hope the next batch will come soon, especially from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Affairs,” he said. (jml)

List of 12 Research Organizations and 85 Research Centers within BRIN:

  1. Earth Science and Maritime Research Organization

1) Geospatial Research Center

2) Geological Disaster Research Center

3) Climate and Atmosphere Research Center

4) Limnology and Water Resources Research Center

5) Geological Resources Research Center

6) Oceanography Research Center

7) Deep Sea Research Center

8) Marine and Land Bioindustry Research Center

9) Fishery Research Center

10) Marine and Inland Water Resources Conservation Research Center


  1. Biological and Environmental Research Organization

1) Genetic Engineering Research Center

2) Biosystematics and Evolution Research Center

3) Ecology and Ethnobiology Research Center

4) Applied Microbiology Research Center

5) Applied Zoology Research Center

6) Biomass and Bioproduct Research Center

7) Environmental and Clean Technology Research Center

8) Plant Conservation, Botanical Garden and Forestry Research Center


  1. Agriculture and Food Research Organization

1) Food Technology and Process Research Center

2) Agroindustry Research Center

3) Food Crops Research Center

4) Horticulture and Plantation Research Center

5) Animal Husbandry Research Center

6) Appropriate Technology Research Center


  1. Health Research Organization

1) Biomedical Research Center

2) Preclinical and Clinical Medicine Research Center

3) Public Health and Nutrition Research Center

4) Medicinal Raw Materials and Traditional Medicines Research Center

5) Vaccine and Drug Research Center

6) Eijkman Molecular Biology Research Center

7) Veterinary Research Center


  1. Archeology, Language and Literature Research Organization

1) Prehistoric and Historic Archeology Research Center

2) Environmental, Maritime, and Culturally Sustainable Archeology Research Center

3) Archaeometry Research Center

4) Language and Literature Preservation Research Center

5) Language, Literature and Community Research Center

6) Manuscript, Literature and Oral Tradition Research Center

7) Religious and Civilization Treasures Research Center


  1. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Organization

1) Community and Cultural Research Center

2) Political Research Center

3) Population Research Center

4) Regional Research Center

5) Legal Research Center

6) Education Research Center

7) Religious Harmony and Moderation Research Center

8) Religion and Faith Research Center


  1. Nuclear Power Research Organization

1) Radiation Process Research Center

2) Accelerator Technology Research Center

3) Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Recycling Technology Research Center

4) Nuclear Radiation Detection and Analysis Technology Research Center

5) Nuclear Reactor Technology Research Center

6) Radiopharmaceutical Radioisotope and Biodosimetry Technology Research Center

7) Safety, Metrology and Nuclear Quality Technology Research Center


  1. Governance, Economy and Community Welfare Research Organization

1) Domestic Government Research Center

2) Public Policy Research Center

3) Social Welfare, Village and Connectivity Research Center

4) Macroeconomics and Finance Research Center

5) Cooperatives Economics, Corporation and People’s Economy Research Center

6) Behavioral and Circular Economic Research Center

7) Industrial, Service and Trade Economic Research Center


  1. Energy and Manufacturing Research Organization

1) Energy Conversion and Conservation Research Center

2) Transportation Technology Research Center

3) Process and Manufacturing Industry Technology Research Center

4) Structure Strength Technology Research Center

5) Hydrodynamic Technology Research Center

6) Testing and Standard Research Center

7) Sustainable Production System and Life Cycle Assessment Research Center


  1. Nanotechnology and Materials Research Organization

1) Advanced Material Research Center

2) Metallurgical Research Center

3) Mining Technology Research Center

4) Quantum Physics Research Center

5) Advanced Chemistry Research Center

6) Photonic Research Center

7) Polymer Technology Research Center


  1. Electronic and Informatics Research Organization

1) Telecommunication Research Center

2) Electronics Research Center

3) Data and Information Science Research Center

4) Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Research Center

5) Computing Research Center

6) Smart Mechatronic Research Center


  1. Aviation and Space Research Organization

1) Space Research Center

2) Aviation Technology Research Center

3) Satellite Technology Research Center

4) Rocket Technology Research Center

5) Remote Sensing Research Center.