Cibinong. BRIN Public Relations. Water is an important natural resource in life. In line with increase in population, the need for clean water also increases, while supply decreases.

In observing the World Water Day 2022, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Limnology and Water Resources Research Center in collaboration with the Indonesian Limnological Society (MLI) held a Webinar on World Water Day 2022, under the theme “Building Awareness of the Young Generation of Water Availability and Sustainability”, on Tuesday (22/3) online.

Head of BRIN’s Earth and Maritime Research Organization, Ocky Karna Radjasa in his speech said that Indonesia is currently entering the peak of the demographic bonus which will end in 2030. “The total number of productive population will reach its highest. One of successes in this feat is improved awareness of the importance of water availability and sustainability in addition to the demographic bonus.”

According to Ocky, the World Water Day 2022 is an effort to boost awareness among the younger generation through various competitions and workshops. He hoped that through this webinar, some bright and smart ideas will emerge on how to raise awareness of sustainable clean water management among the younger generation. “I believe guidance from researchers, including the two resource persons this morning will give enlightenment about the importance of clean water and how to manage it in a sustainable manner,” he said.

On the same occasion, acting Head of BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resources Research Center, Hidayat said that he strongly supports the webinar initiated by the Indonesian Limnology Society in collaboration with the Research Center. “This webinar is very important and in line with the theme of the World Water Day, Groundwater Making the Invisible Visible, ” he said.

Head of MLI also a Researcher at BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resources Research Center, Luki Subehi, said this activity is a means of campaigning especially for students on the importance of water for life. “Young generations are expected to play an active role in protecting water and sustainable water resources. For this reason, building literacy among the younger generation and improving strategic cooperation with various parties who have interests and authorities in managing water resources are very important,” he explained.

The webinar also held a thematic workshop on the World Water Day hosted by Fajar Setiawan, a Researcher at BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resources Research Center. The workshop presented two speakers, namely Dr.Rachmat Fajar Lubis, Researcher at BRIN’s Limnology and Water Resources Research Center with the topic Understanding the Interaction between Lakes and Groundwater in Indonesia: Perspectives that Are Sometimes Neglected, and Thoriqul Huda, from PT. Hidronav Tehnikatama who presented the material entitled the Latest Technology in Waters Surveys.

In his presentation, Rachmat said, the problem of groundwater in Indonesia is invisible so we tend to ignore it. We feel that groundwater is always there while groundwater has limitations. “… the problem is very real in Indonesia. First, the issue of quantity. From the data taken for a decade, the quantity continues to decline. The same is true for water discharge. Water debits continue to decline, some have even disappeared and cannot be restored to their initial conditions,” he said.

“We are trying to find research breakthroughs and innovations using the best technology and quality issues. Hopefully we can stop this decline, at least become stable and if possible return to its initial condition. So that we can use sustainable water sources not only for us but for future generations,” added Rachmat.

Rachmat further said, to overcome the problem of water resources in Indonesia, the Indonesian government has launched a program, namely the Smart Water Management System (SWMS). “Rain, rivers, lakes, swamps, peat, sea and ground water constitute an inseparable part of the water system. Ignoring one is a threat to all of them,” concluded Rachmat.

For information, several competitions have been organized to commemorate this world water day event, such as Essay Competition for junior and senior high school students throughout Indonesia, and a Mini Vlog Competition for children (SD-SMP) and teenagers (SMA-Students) which will take place from March 1-20, 2022. (ew ed sl)