Jakarta – Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir attended the 37th celebration of independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday evening at the Iranian ambassador residence in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Since the diplomatic establishment between Indonesia and Iran in 1950, both countries have long enjoyed many benefits from its closeness and cooperation. Iran has always been an important partner for Indonesia, not only in bilateral relation, but also in regional and international forums. Indonesia will continue to cooperate with Iran and other countries, to promote peace, security and prosperity, regionally and globally.

“We recognize both countries great potential that exists in various fields, as well as in private sector and business community. I believe that state visits have an important role, to further strengthen bilateral relation, by oversee opportunities that could deepen and expand bilateral collaboration,” said Nasir in his speech on Tuesday (02/09/2016).

Nasir added that Indonesia and Iran are able to continue a more productive cooperation in the field of health and stem cell treatment, energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, space technology and aircraft design, since all of these drives social and economic progress.

During the celebration, Iran’s Ambassador for Indonesia Valiollah Mohammadi expressed his excitement due to the lifting of international sanctions and recent agreement to exercise the Iranian nuclear program.

“The nuclear negotiations between Islamic Republic of Iran and 5+1 was agreed last year and ‘a comprehensive collaboration action plan’ has been carried out since last month including removal of all kinds of sanctions,” the ambassador Valiollah said in his speech.

Hopefully the harmony between Indonesia and Iran can be maintained in order to successfully improve bilateral relations between both countries, and for a better Indonesia. (dts)