Towards a 100 years of Indonesian Independence Day, through the National Awakening Days, the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology is participating in the World Post Graduation Expo, hosted by My Study World (MSW), 20-21 May 2017, at JCC Merak Room.
The opening ceremony was started by the display or the parade of 11 eleven Country flags, who participate in this event. Those countries are Indonesia, Australia, USA, the Netherlands, UK, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Amongst 50 exhibition booths, 11 of it are representatives of Indonesian private and state universities.
Anastasya Sri, the Director of MSW stated that this exhibition is so special, as for the 1st time, the MSW host the post graduate expo, as many young Indonesians wish to continue their post graduate studies, both in Indonesia or in abroad. Sri also explained that in addition to the exhibition, there are some of useful presentations of scholarship opportunities and other information that benefit young Indonesians.
Nada Marsudi, in her very first opening remarks reminded the audience of the meaning of Democracy in Indonesia  and its strong relation with (higher) education.
Nada said that recently Indonesian like to emphasize on the importance of Democracy, but they sometimes express it without respecting each other feelings. They some time think that one group is better than the other as if they forget that Indonesia was built from diversities since the beginning.
Therefore, having education especially obtaining higher education is very much related with the understanding of Democracy in Indonesia, and how the Indonesians should implement Democracy wisely..
Nada further stated that  Indonesia is well known as a Democratic Country, with various of religions, tribes and cultures. By its history and nature, Indonesian people is know for their tolerance and respect to each other. Indonesia is always famous for becoming a democratic country, a global model of mixtures of religion, culture and tribal tolerance. So we better keep united based on our diversities.
Moreover, Indonesia will also benefit from the bonus of demograpahy. While other Country may have problems with the aging population, on the other hand, Indonesia Insyaa Allah will be blessed with its bonus of demography, with the peak in the year of 2028-2030. It is predicted that the ratio of productive age (15-64 years old) and non productive age (more than 65 years old) is around 100:47.
Isn’t that amazing? We are as Indonesian must believe and thanking the Almighty that ‘Indonesia will have our Golden era’, if we establish the foundation since now.
Groups of people, who love and are interest in the development of higher education,  science, technology and innovation (HESTI) must work together and hand-in-hand to provide HESTI conducive environment for the future Indonesian golden generation..
Furthermore, Nada also appreciated the contribution from International and National contributors/exhibitors for this event. Who ever and where ever they are, they are supporting two pivotal aims of the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE) or ‘Kemenristekdikti’ Indonesia. Those both aims are ‘Higher Education Reformation’ and ‘Revitalization of Science, Technology and Innovation’.
Lastly in her remarks, Nada also reminded all young Indonesian students to always return to Indonesia after she or he finish their study abroad, to jointly develop the beloved Indonesia.
Loving Indonesia as ‘Tanah Air Beta’,  and ‘kibarkan Merah Putih di dadaku’ are common motto that she believes will be always remembered by Indonesians whereever they are in this world.
Nada Marsudi
Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication