Jakarta, BRIN Public Relations – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) held an event declaring the building of integrity zone. This is BRIN’s commitment to Corruption Free Area (WBK) and Serving Clean Bureaucratic Area (WBBM). The declaration of building of integrity zone was carried out by Head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, followed by the signing of integrity pact by all officials within BRIN, Thursday (20/1) at the Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo Auditorium, BJ Habibie Building, Jakarta.

Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko said that this declaration is very appropriate for BRIN as a new institution which will complete the integration process of all government research institutions after which the agency can start with good management standards and business processes. “Although we integrate old units, the whole business process and management is completely different,” he said.

According to Handoko, the building of integrity zone is the miniature of Bureaucratic Reform. The existence of BRIN as an institution that integrates R&D institutions in Ministries/Institutions is the result of Bureaucratic Reform. This aims to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out public services, management of institutions and human resources.

Handoko makes it sure that BRIN’s business processes are not only effective and efficient, but will also not give room for irregularities and loopholes for corruption. Therefore, Handoko calls the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform and KPK to assist in providing assistance, while BRIN with its big budget can involve many external stakeholders.

“With this big budget, we facilitate through research funding schemes, researcher mobility, infrastructure and resource sharing. There must be of course vulnerable points, as this BRIN large coverage poses a challenge,” he explained.

KPK Deputy Chairperson, Nurul Ghufron, said that declaration of building of an integrity zone within BRIN is not only an administrative requirement, but more to understand the essence and sincerity in eradicating all irregularities. “Determination of WBK and WBBM integrity zones is the result of collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, which was originally initiated by KPK. Determination of WBK and WBBM zones is the KPK’s mechanism to prevent corruption,” he explained.

He also supports the existence of BRIN as a new institution. According to him, BRIN is the fruit of the spirit of bureaucratic reform, in doing works effectively and efficiently. With an integrated research institution, it is hoped that works will be effective in improving the National Science and Technology.

Ombudsman Deputy Chairman Bobby Hamzar Rafinus said that the declaration of integrity zone is the form of BRIN leadership’s commitment in realizing a clean and serving bureaucracy. This success serves an important milestone in implementing the RB policy. With the integration of research institutions, BRIN is expected to create acculturation of the work culture of each unit, so that BRIN’s services are increasingly favored by the community. “Through this declaration, all BRIN management continue to intensify the campaign so that there will be no maladministration and corrupt behavior so as to accelerate public services,” he said.

Appreciation was also expressed by Assistant Deputy for Policy Coordination and Evaluation of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Budi Prawira. According to him, seen from this event, BRIN is ready to implement the campaign of integrity zone towards Corruption Free Area (WBK) and Serving Clean Bureaucratic Area (WBBM). (jml)