Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The Bogor Agricultural University Alumni Association (HA IPB) and the National Research and Innovation Agency have established cooperation on “Research Collaboration and Utilization of Research and Innovation Results”. The cooperation was realized in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, Sunday (27/02).

The signing ceremony coincided with the agenda of the first National Working Meeting of HA IPB 2022. The National Working Meeting of HA IPB is aimed at formulating the work program and synergizing all organs within HA IPB in realizing its work program. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mego Pinandito, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization of the National Research and Innovation Agency and Walneg S Jas as General Chairperson of the Central Executive Board of the Bogor Agricultural University Alumni Association (HA IPB).

The cooperation between the two parties as incorporated in the Memorandum of Understanding includes research, development, studies, and application, as well as invention and innovation; shared use of owned facilities and infrastructure; organization of scientific activities, among others in the form of seminars, workshops; exchange of personnel and/or experts; exchange or sharing of data and/or information between the two parties. The term of the cooperation is 4 (four) years.

The General Chairperson of the DPP HA IPB, Walneg S Jas, in his speech explained that his work program is to continue and strengthen the legacy and programs that had been carried out in the previous period, among others Mentoring Leaders, Diaspora Mentoring, and the HA IPB Awards. HA IPB has also formulated eight new program plans that will commence in 2022, one of which is related to the program to improve cooperation with several ministries/agencies/institutions both government and non-government which aims to collaborate in carrying out the HA programs, seminars, workshops and internships for IPB University students. (VRP/Ed MAA)