Serpong – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) supports efforts to improve the quality of education at Pamulang University (UNPAM). This support is manifested in the signing of cooperation between BRIN and UNPAM, Tangerang, Wednesday (19/01/2022).

This cooperation is a form of BRIN’s commitment to improving the quality of education in Indonesia, in this case for UNPAM students. Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, Mego Pinandito said, BRIN welcomes the move and is open to cooperation and collaboration between BRIN and UNPAM, especially in education and in the implementation of applied research. “BRIN opens collaboration with both universities and industries, to jointly conduct research, especially applied research. For example, something that can definitely be used, it can be made in plants, in workshops and so on,” said Mego.

According to Mego, with the signing of MoU between BRIN and UNPAM, it is hoped that the cooperation that has been previously established between UNPAM and Non-Ministerial Government Institutions (LPNK) which are now integrated into BRIN can continue and develop in a better direction. “We hope to provide full support to the implementation and development of UNPAM in the future,” said Mego.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of UNPAM, E. Nurzaman said that UNPAM is one of private universities in Indonesia that continues to grow. UNPAM provides learning opportunities, especially for those who are less fortunate financially and academically.

“We believe that the higher a person’s education, the greater the opportunity to live a more prosperous life. If we do not provide education opportunities for those who are less fortunate, then this tendency will continue to regenerate and pass the poverty to the next. That is UNPAM’s vision and humanitarian mission,” said Nurzaman.

Nurzaman hopes that this collaboration will improve the quality of education for UNPAM students, especially with the opening up of opportunities for students to carry out field work practices, final assignments, scientific visits, research and others at BRIN. (yrt/ed:pur)