Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. In the context of supporting the incubation function program for Technology-Based Startup Companies (PPBT) and efforts to develop and improve the skills of prospective startups, the Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization through the Directorate of Research and Innovation Utilization at Ministries, Institutions, Society, and SME- BRIN held Kick Off Coaching and Mentoring for Research-Based Start-Up Companies (PPBR) 2022 (11/3).

Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko in his welcoming remarks said that the National Research and Innovation Agency has many research facilitation and funding schemes, seven funding schemes of which are now running. “The funding facilitation scheme aims to create a research ecosystem in accordance with the global standards that is inclusive and collaborative for all parties. This includes bringing industries closer to researchers and encouraging the private sector involvement in research,” said Handoko.

Handoko explained, of the seven funding schemes that are currently running, one funding scheme is for development of startups. These startups will certainly commercialize BRIN’s research products. BRIN as an integrated research institution which has integrated several research entities from 33 ministries or institutions, offers and has a big opportunity and wider scope for the development or utilization of research-based products.

“That is why, the funding program for these startups is research-based in the hope that it will have a wider scope, not only in terms of technology, but also in other aspects, for example those based on social sciences, be social engineering or social economy. So actually we would like to develop not only technopreneurs, but also sociopreneurs,” said Handoko.

Handoko added that BRIN has prepared a mentoring and coaching program with relevant curriculum and actual case studies. We also provide coaches and mentors from both internal and external BRIN to help condition start-up players in the real business competition. As we said earlier, as the products or services, which are our main business, come from BRIN’s research, we ensure that transfer of knowledge and technology to startups can run smoothly and uninterruptedly.

From pre-incubation to the stage of business incubation. In this stage, BRIN startups will receive more specific assistance according to their business needs. “We also provide mentors from external BRIN. They are of course professionals from the industry, associations or communities to help together with BRIN  create profitable and sustainable start-ups,” he added.

Handoko also explained that in the coach & mentor for BRIN start-ups carried out by the PPBT Incubation Function Team (Technology-Based Start-ups), the Directorate of Research and Innovation Utilization at Ministries/Institutions, Communities and SMEs – Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, we divide it into three main stages, namely pre-incubation, incubation and post-incubation. Our pre-incubation activities will focus on the process of technology transfer and start-up team building. At the business incubation stage, startups will get funding of up to 300 million per year and can be extended for 2 years.

On the same occasion, Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization Mego Pinandito said in his report that we need to identity the research needs from prospective startups as the stakeholders. This activity of coaching and mentoring research and innovation results is carried out at research and technology centers under BRIN Research Organization using research and innovation in the industry, through research collaboration, facilities, infrastructure, transfer and audit of technology as well as utilization through licenses and other intellectual property rights.

“This coaching and mentoring program for research-based startup was attended by all incubation and finance staff, several mentors who were invited as the resource persons and startup candidates whose research products are ready to be used,” said Mego.

“Start-ups run a business model for profit with assistance from experienced and competent mentors in their fields. It is hoped that in the future, BRIN start-ups will become successful business entities that are successful in bringing research products and services to the world of business and industry,” explained Mego.

For information, this PPBR program is now opened to phase 2. Phase 2 is now in the proposal selection process. Phase 1 is currently in the mentoring and coaching phase which will be carried out for a maximum of 6 months. This mentoring and coaching program is part of the pre-incubation activity. It is hoped that at this stage startup business entity will have been formed. (sj)