Bandung- BRIN Public Relations. One of startup companies has designed mapping tools with high accuracy and affordable price. A product called Low Cost Global Navigation Satellite System (GNNS) was recently announced to receive research-based startup company fund (PPBR) from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).

The announcement of funding recipients was made in a Webinar on Research and Innovation Funding and Facilitation (WALIDASI), BRIN #1 Start Up Edition on Thursday (17/2). This activity aims to inspire and motivate research activists as well as startups to develop their businesses by utilizing research results from BRIN.

Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi, a lecturer and researcher at the Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) who successfully made GNSS received BRIN’s PPBR. He worked in collaboration with researchers at BRIN’s Space Research Center supported by researchers in various fields at ITS, and MNCGeotech.

MNCGeotech is a Navigation Cooperation Technology in the geological field. “MNCGeoTech is committed to providing low-cost mapping tools with accuracy meeting the SNI (Indonesian National Standards),” said Cahyadi.

He explained that his research began in 2018 with the BRIN’s Space Research Center. They made ionospheric corrections, prototypes, to be applied in the science field, tested for monitoring tsunami and signal reflection on oceans. “In 2021, we began selling them to users and we hope to get coaching from BRIN,” he said.

“In utilizing BRIN technology, we use the regional tec model from LAPAN, now BRIN. Determination of position by GPS using smartphone has had significant correction after the satellite orbits in the ionosphere,” he explained.

“Indonesia through BRIN makes regional tech models, models it and then in collaboration with others inject it into our tools. Our tools have an accuracy of less than 1 cm for static and less than 50 cm for precise point positioning (PPP) and real-time kinematic positioning (RTK),” he continued.

He also explained that the Low-Cost GNSS Smart ITS BRIN product has entered the production phase, and training has been held for Drinking Water Regional Company (PDAM) officers in Surabaya to teach them how to use the tool. He stated that this tool has been presented to the Governor, Rectors, and used by PDAM in exhibition activities. The handover was held in 2021 in Surabaya.

This product is projected to have high-accuracy data at relatively low price, more efficient use and size, can be integrated with other survey tools and has been integrated with databases.

The expected target partners are provincial and city governments, mining companies in and outside Java, oil and gas companies, as well as drinking water companies throughout Indonesia (PAMSI). He has started the work with PDAM Surabaya. While for potential and productive partners, he targets the mapping of green and blue lands, BRIN, BMKG, BIG, and institutions that need accurate and fast position determination.

“We hope that through BRIN, these startups can improve efficiency in mapping survey activities in Indonesia as we use domestic products, have marketing targets including the global market, trainings on product marketing procedures, and extensive networks,” said Cahyadi at the end of his presentation. He also hopes that the quality and marketing of products can continue to grow. (cw/ ed. kg, drs)