Bandung, BRIN Public Relations. As a research institution that handles research, development, engineering, studies and application of technology and services in the mineral and coal sector, the Tekmira Research and Development Center has a crucial role to play in research innovation in the sector of mineral and coal. This was agreed by the Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko during his brief visit at the Mineral Processing Pilot Center of the Tekmira ESDM Research and Development Center, Thursday (27/1) in Cipatat, West Bandung Regency.

“R&D/research activities sometimes do not always comply with the vision and mission so that integration into BRIN is one of the fundamental solutions,” said Handoko in his speech. Furthermore, he believes that the current BRIN fusion process is a crucial effort in strengthening the research atmosphere in Indonesia. Nevertheless, he also understands the uncertainty that researchers at the Tekmira Research and Development Center may feel at this time because the various dynamics that occur are happening quite quickly. However, this is done as a joint effort to raise the level of research to be even better. “I am sure that the goals and intentions are good,” he said.

As someone who also hails from the research community, Handoko knows very well that research that is in accord with the need of state ministries/institutions is research that can answer the challenges and problems of the nation. The existence of BRIN is not meant to weaken but instead to consolidate all researchers so that they can become stronger. “Because we want to serve better with research as the basis,” he said. If this is realized, the ministries/state institutions will get valuable science-based inputs without being burdened by administrative things related to research budgets, human resources for researchers, etc.

Handoko also believes that BRIN is an important step in cutting the chain of problems that have existed in Indonesia all this time. He also guaranteed that the integration process will be faster because on January 31, he, with the approval of President Joko Widodo and Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo has agreed that the BRIN integration process will be completed. “Regular transfers may still occur afterward,” he added. In the mapping process, BRIN also gives freedom to all researchers to choose any research center according to their expertise. And even if they do not wish to join BRIN, they can also work in other places. “We are State Civil Apparatus, not BRIN Civil Apparatus,” he remarked.

He continues to motivate researchers at the Tekmira Research and Development Center to be responsible for their respective career choices. BRIN is only one of tens of ministries/state institutions that can be a place to serve. However, specifically for researchers, BRIN is determined to be a driving force for its researchers’ capabilities to always be better. One of them is through the By Research Scholarship program which accommodates undergraduate / postgraduate researchers to continue their studies. “This visit is also an opportunity for me to see the potentials that exist and how to empower them,” said Handoko.

The secretary of the Research and Development Agency for Energy and Mineral Resources M.P Dwinugroho admitted that he is very pleased with this visit. He hoped that the presentation by the Head of BRIN can provide clarity on the ongoing integration process. “Previously, the BRIN team had visited our place in Gunung Sindur,” he said. In line with Dwi, Head of Tekmira Research and Development Center Hermansyah was also pleased and enthusiastic to know that the presence of BRIN will actually strengthen existing research, especially for the Tekmira Research and Development Center which focuses on mineral and coal potential.

Hermansyah said the potential for cooperation can be more open to the Tekmira Research and Development Center, and research collaboration with research colleagues at BRIN will be easier. He gave an example of the Hydrometallurgical Pilot Plant project, a research facility for processing metals such as Nickel, Copper, Gold, including the processing of rare earth element (RRE). Although the Tekmira Research and Development Center designed the project themselves, there are other work processes that must be completed by other parties. “I am very pleased to hear what the Head has said, even though it is still in the transition period, hopefully we can develop a pattern of cooperation for better results,” he said.

Previously, shortly after arriving at the Mineral Processing Pilot Center of the Tekmira ESDM Research and Development Center, Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko inspected various existing research facilities including the Hydrometric Pilot Plant. Also present in this visit were Acting Chief Secretary, Rr Nur Tri Aries Suestiningtyas; Acting Head of Planning and Finance Bureau, Prakoso Bhairawa Putera; Acting Head of State Property Management and Procurement Bureau, Christianus Ratrias Dewanto; and Acting Head of the Bureau of Public Communication, General Affairs, and Secretariat, Driszal Fryantoni. (as/kg)