Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) through the Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization together with the Sumenep Regency Government and Bahauddin Mudhary Madura University signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). The agreement signed directly by BRIN Acting Deputy for Research and Innovation Utilization, Mego Pinandito and the Regent of Sumenep, Achmad Fauzi, was held at the B.J. Habibie Building. Fl. 3 Thamrin, Jakarta, Monday (07/03).

“Uniba Madura as a university in Madura can act as a technology facilitator in the Madura region. Please use the facilities available at BRIN, ranging from technology, human resources, equipment, to programs,” said Mego.

Mego Pinandito said that Madura Island, known as a salt producing region, and producer of superior breeds of cattle, can take advantage of various development technologies available here at BRIN. “There are several technologies related to salt that we have, for example the technology for developing and testing K1 salt that can be used as medicine, we can test them later at BRIN Health Research Center. BRIN also has livestock technology for cows, probiotic or prebiotic technology. They are also available, please use them,” said Mego.

“BRIN is the source of technology. We have researchers and also funds for research. We strongly support all facilitation and application of technology in Indonesia. BRIN opens access to all parties, both universities and local governments, to take advantage of what we have. Through this signed Memorandum of Agreement, we can go on discussing the cooperation agreement, then executed for implementation,” explained Mego.

Sumenep Regent Achmad Fauzi explained that overcoming the problem of poverty, improving the regional competitiveness and investment, and Human Development Index (IPM) are among of his focus in leading Sumenep. Therefore, the collaboration with BRIN is one of efforts of the Sumenep Regency Government to create a superior, independent, and prosperous Sumenep.

“Hopefully this work program can be realized soon amidst the pandemic. This is our joint effort to improve people’s welfare, especially in Sumenep Regency. We thank Bahauddin Mudhary Madura University for assisting in coaching and mentoring in our Innovating Village program. We also thank BRIN again for today’s agenda,” explained Regent Achmad Fauzi. (ap)